A political diatribe

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A political diatribe

Postby crimefree » Tue, 2006-04-04 15:31

Politicians lie, cheat and steal, they are dishonest power mongers so afraid they will lose power that they will sacrifice anything and anybody in their efforts to increase their power and remain in power.

ANC ministers obviously feel unsafe with 8% of the population having legal firearms so they have decided to disarm them. Starting with S. Mufamadi appointing the De Caris commission to look into ways of decreasing legal firearm ownership and not crime. With a long chain of illegal, undemocratic, unconstitutional, secretive, devious methods against huge public opposition steamrolled the Firearms Control Act through Parliament.

The ANC regime simply can't claim ignorance of the fact that gun control has failed to stem the tide of crime and supply of guns to criminals in every application anywhere in the world. Britain - violent crime up 69%, Canada - double the USA rate and Australia - violent crime +32%, armed robbery +74%, just some of the most recent failures suffering major increases of crime due to power mad politicians and failed gun control laws.

It is easily seen how willing politicians are in sacrificing the lives of innocent citizens in increased crime because of paranoia and fear of the public. It is politicians who should fear the public and this must be permanently enshrined in the constitution. Instead the ANC works steadily towards the dictatorships it so admires of those further north.

Small wonder why the public distrust politicians who belly up to the tough of public funds. Billions siphoned off each year by crooked public servants and politicians who even scam their travel allowance in their efforts to maximise wealth.

Even the economy is seen as some sort of success with unemployment rising and the ANCs uncontrolled desire to legislate and control down to the very air we breath. It is surprising that a few with skills and education are paid princely sums because the ANC has itself created both the shortage and the demand of skilled labour. When faced with competing with its own creation for municipal managers the ANC does what is does best, legislates itself more power and control.

Doctors are chased out the country with unrealistic demands while those who can add more than two and two are eagerly being fought over by companies desperate to fill their racial quotas imposed by the ANC. Interference in every walk of life from telling businesses how to run and who to employ to dictating to sportsmen and women how to play the game. All considerably easier than improving the economy such that there is a greater demand for all types of labour thus benefiting the poor and not exclusively the few new rich and educated.

While a minority of the poor see crime as an employment opportunity there is a great concern of the poor that crime is most certainly not just the realm of the rich. The poor by far suffer to a much greater extent from the ravages of uncontrolled crime. Which once again brings us back to the ANCs gun control law. Some 400..500 dealers are now out of business and many thousands are unemployed. The growing film industry bringing in hundreds of millions and offering short term employment for many unskilled people has moved to other countries where they can hire firearms and people. The billion dollar hunting tourist industry under attack as incompetent SAPS keep them waiting hours looking for excuses to not allow them or their guns into SA. Many make alternative booking while standing in the cue. All will return and advise others to go to countries that appreciate their money.

The projected cost is staggering, beyond belief. R2180 million just to implement the Firearms Control Act. Not withstanding the utter waste of thousands of police officers daily administering control over people least inclined to crime. The SAPS charged with chasing guns instead of criminals has seen the greatest failure of the ANC to rise from its ideological terrorist roots.

The SAPS themselves the tool of oppression have been deliberately decimated to enhance high crime rates. A people suffering high crime want and expect the government to do something and will give away rights if promised that crime will be reduced.

More than one third of the SAPS 60,000 officers have left. One third is functionally illiterate, what do they do? The SAPS has a shortage of every resource from paper clips to armoured vehicles, including expertise and this is reflected in the arrest and conviction rate of a miserable 6% of reported crime. 94% of criminals get away with crime. Crime pays and government means to ensure that nobody can harm a criminal. Criminals shall have a government backed guarantee that victims will be unarmed. Your life is inconsequential , the ANC must feel safe an have the only guns.

"Two memorials remain today at Thermoplylae. Upon the modern one is engraved his response to Xerxes' demand that the Spartans lay down their arms. Leonidas' reply was two words, Molon Labe. 'Come and get them'."
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