The Power of Propaganda.

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The Power of Propaganda.

Postby crimefree » Wed, 2009-09-23 16:58

The Power of Propaganda.

Peter Moss

First published by Richamarksentinal

The highly emotional issue of toy guns and children regularly comes up, especially around Christmas time when the proponents of gun control propaganda suddenly spring to life urging parents not to give toy guns to their children.

“Toy guns and children” is another “pencils cause spelling mistakes” myth promoted by gun control. Children are thereby denied a valuable means of expression and release of anger because a feared hated object can be falsely demonised and made to seem undesirable or evil.

Children are attractive to gun control organisations because poisoning children’s minds to fear guns awards them a conversion to gun control for life. Education giving knowledge of firearm use, handling and safety is far better. Unfortunately for these children parents and schoolteachers practising such repression most probably have been influenced in some way by the propaganda publications of gun control lobby groups or their parents, rather than more relevant scientific research.

Who is in possession of this so-called irrefutable evidence? Has anyone apart from the proponents of gun control actually found any real verifiable peer reviewed evidence, not pictures, horror stories and junk science produced by black propaganda that toy guns are a problem? Frankly no. Repression can be easily shown to breed sick minds but would you seriously ask serial killer Ted Bundy’s mom for her view on the subject of her son’s deviant nature?

One should study with an open mind the rise of Christianity and the Catholic Church to understand what propaganda really is. The genocidal Church sponsored and instigated crusades for more than seven hundred years annihilated by unthinkable torture, burning alive at the stake many, many millions. Such unrelenting hatred and inhuman violence should never be forgotten. A good place to start is where the desire for power began with Constantine's edict of 324-6, giving the Catholic Church the power, license and support to do so.

Given unrestrained power the Church invoked a ruthless reign of persecution, destruction, terror and death to innocent victims, Manichists, Gnostics, Cathars, Bogomills along with any other heretics the Catholics could sniff out, force to confess or provoke added to the list. The persecuted lost everything, their lands, culture, heritage, knowledge, freedom as well as their lives. The Catholics took every advantage of what they had been given and expanded it into a monopolistic empire by completely eradicating all other competing believers, documentation and views.

How did the Church turn so many into either victims or supporters when they had previously lived in relative harmony and why? “Because they could” is probably the best answer and one every citizen had better remember well when giving such power to rulers, governments and organisations.

One should be prompted to ask, “Why did the good citizens not stop the Church from committing such atrocious acts”? Only silence will be obtained. The unspeakable, unmentionable, unprintable, grossly misunderstood and feared word “propaganda” is the answer.

The propaganda methods of the Catholic crusades have many parallels with Gun Control. For the purpose of demonising and vilifying both firearms and those who own them. Lawful firearm ownership is falsely aligned with criminal possession or criminal acts.

· Legitimate firearm owners are accused of being responsible for crime by supplying the criminal demand for guns.
· Firearm owners are blamed for subsequent crimes committed by the perpetrators of crime using stolen guns.
· Words like cowboy, gun-nut, gun-freak, irresponsible, incompetent and untrustworthy are bandied about.

Accompanied by equally hideous accusations and dire warnings of the appalling fate if their advice is not followed, offering compelling promises of a utopian dream that all can benefit from.

If law-abiding citizens firearms are strictly controlled or confiscated thereby prevented from falling into criminal hands, somehow crime will decrease. Such thinking results in a host of lies and deceptions to achieve this objective of demonise and remove any possible justifiable use. By incorrectly claiming that firearms:-

· Have a design, which serves only one purpose, to kill.
· Cause crime.
· Increases suicide.
· Cause an escalation of violence.
· Force criminals to reply by arming themselves.
· Are not an effective means of self-defence
· Are more a danger to the owner.
· Are more likely to be taken away instead of being used to arrest or prevent a crime.
· Are a danger to others and children.
· Will just be stolen by criminals.

That victims should act according to their social ‘norms’, such as :-

· Loss, rape or injury is preferable to making a criminal angry.
· Any criminal action is preferable to taking a human life.
· There is no need for self-defence as the police will protect citizens.

The inducement; if the advice is not followed guns will continue to fall into criminal hands, therefore violent crime will increase and innocents will die. Nobody will be safe.

The false promise; any gun removed is one less crime.

The reward; living in a peaceful crime free country that has no guns.

Creating the perception that criminals can use only guns; therefore guns cause crime, is a circular argument without proof of causation many mindlessly believe with heart and soul. Thus depriving citizens of lawful possession of the best means to self-defence must be justified if they are of no real use.

All these unrealistic and unsupported claims are part of a propaganda plan making the removal of citizens guns possible by force if need be by eliciting the collusion and help of government in the same way the Catholic Church went about eradicating opponents and installing a monopoly.

The propaganda is presented as a crime fighting measure originating from gun control organisations that purport an objective of reducing crime. When in reality the only result can be the creation of a criminal friendly environment where criminals can operate in safety with little risk to life or injury. Crime is more likely to increase; only the indoctrinated are surprised when it does. Thus classifying the propaganda as black propaganda.

Black propaganda is false information and material that purports to be from one side of a conflict, but is actually from the opposing side. [1] It is typically used to vilify, embarrass or misrepresent the target.

Yet I can find no evidence other than the publications of Gun Control that supports any of these attempts to induce hated and fear in order to persecute firearm owners. Victims of gun control may as well be Cathars or Gnostics who were burned alive or tortured to death without protest from citizens because they have been painted black, demonised by black propaganda.

[1] Doob, Leonard (1950-09-13). "Goebbels' Principles of Nazi Propaganda". The Public Opinion Quarterly 3 (Vol. 14, No. 3): 419-442.

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