The slippery slope - Kopel Olsen

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The slippery slope - Kopel Olsen

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Historical Notes No. 43

ISSN 0267-7105 ISBN 1 85637 571 4

An occasional publication of the Libertarian Alliance,
Suite 35, 2 Landsdowne Row, Mayfair, London W1J 6HL.

Joseph E. Olson and David B. Kopel

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If you want to understand why the best way to protect a given civil liberty from destruction is to resist even the smallest infringements in the short run, then this series of short essays by American Law Professors Joseph E. Olson and David B. Kopel shall be your "Eureka Moment."

Learning from the losses of individual liberty in England, you will see how, in the Australian context, our liberties are being attacked on a daily basis by the premeditated administrative gradualism of the Weapons Licensing Branch, moving to attack the 'liberty spirit' independently of legislation. The ACGQ trusts that this will motivate you to get of your arse and go do something constructive for your liberty, and not just sit around and moan.


The collective action of South African firearm owners at present does not amount to a hill of beans. The majority of firearm owners are sitting on their arses waiting for somebody to do something for them. While they all agree something needs to be done, few could be bothered to do anything themselves. This is exactly the apathy government relies on to ensure its power and position. Joining an organisation and throwing money at it is one way but be sure the organisation will put your money to good use and actually protect your rights and not negotiate them away.

It is important that you read and understand the principle of incremental restriction and increasing severity of legislation. That nothing but total and complete opposition to such oppressive practice will stop it.

Do not be part of the problem, be part of the solution. Get ACTIVE and make an effort to ensure your rights are respected and observed by government. Join GOSA and help stem the tide of disarmament. Make your voice heard.

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"Two memorials remain today at Thermoplylae. Upon the modern one is engraved his response to Xerxes' demand that the Spartans lay down their arms. Leonidas' reply was two words, Molon Labe. 'Come and get them'."
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