IRAN: War Clouds be looming...

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IRAN: War Clouds be looming...

Postby Billy Hoffmann » Tue, 2007-04-03 11:08

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As per the holy writ of Ezekiel xxxiii, 1-20

"The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD." Proverbs of Solomon xxi, 31

Dear folks,

For your prayerful and serious consideration I respectfully submit the following report (enclosed below) to you, my neighbors, brethren-in-Christ, family members and the curious alike. Upon my last overseas mission, when certain members of RED Assault Team (SEAL Team VI) and Delta Force (S.F.O.D.) operators conducted some cross-training exercises with the not-so-elite Special Forces troops of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I said, We trained false-moon god worshippin' Arabs and this travesty took place in 1991 or '92. We were comfortably situated at one of the finer hotels on the Persian Gulf (which your American tax monies helped pay for) in Abu Dhabi, which was loaded with gorgeous swimming pools, incredible gardens with date trees and palms galore, with flowers everywhere: the strikingly blue waters of the Persian Gulf, saunas, room service, weight room, library, huge Arabic reading rooms with cushy sofas, pillows and huge Persian rugs, plus, they had a splendid restaurant to boot. Air-conditioned comfort. We had a plentiful supply of per diem monies in which to dine lavishly. We had it so rough back then, huh? For a decent map of the Area of Operations (AO), please see: ... os/ae.html

While we were in-country, Iran launched an amphibious assault upon two tiny islands owned by UAE. I do not know if the U.S. media picked up on this story or not. The Iranians are some very tough and disciplined soldiers. They are not like the former Sadaam Hussein's army, which could not surrender fast enough so they could be well treated, bandaged and fed by U.S. military personnel. The Iranians are some very hard-core people. They have great passion, albeit in the wrong direction. They showed up at these islands, which had oil refinery equipment and storage tanks and they rounded up all the UAE citizens without firing a single round. They loaded 'em up on a ferry and told them, This is our land now. You go home. End of story. I was genuinely shocked by the answer of some of the Arabs we were training - they simply didn't care. I thought for sure we were going to get some National Command Authority to order us on a mission. For cryin' out loud, the islands were within distance of rubber raiding crafts from our own luxurious hotel (some forty (40) nautical miles away...). The order from higher authority never came.

I have in my garage a huge (6' x 6') Jet Navigation Chart of the entire Middle East, with North-Eastern Africa in the picture too. I was just out there looking hard for certain nuclear facilities within Iran but have not spotted one yet. Reading the names of some of those Iranian towns and cities in Arabic is hard enough, which gave me a minor head-ache... <smile> My memory is not so good but I think I discovered the names of the two islands in question. One is Abu Musa Island (Jazireh-Ye Abu Musa) and the other is called Jazireh-Ye Sirri. You see, you folks do not know what ultimate savagery these Arabs can inflict. If they catch (and they will) any American soldiers in Iran, they may very will brutally torture, maim, disfigure and de-masculate the men: this prior to shooting them in the head at point-blank range. Those folks do NOT "play around," either. How many of y'all want to volunteer for Bush's private "war" for the sake of oil and mammon that you too might return sans a couple of limbs and your mind thrashed hard with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Hmmm?

Toward the end of our vacation over there [the "Special Forces" Arabs were the laziest men I've ever had to deal with, next to most professing American "Christian" men...], we put on a shooting demonstration for an American diplomat, who was serving as the Sheik's right-hand man; the Sheik being the prince responsible for their "Defense Department." This man was a retired Army Colonel and he knew his business well. He was duly impressed with our surgical precision and raw speed as well as our swell personalities, ya' see? He gave us an excellent INTEL report and told us that in fifteen (15) years, the country of Iran was going to have a huge number of young men come of age and that all HUMINT reports coming out of Iran (at that time) were pointing out that they intend to have one of the world's mightiest military forces. Behold, the time is at hand and I think that because of all the innocent blood that has been shed by the U.S. military in recent times, will, in addition to other causal factors, bring about the whirlwind of God's fierce judgments upon the land. Do you realize that American military forces have slain 655,000 non-combatants in Iraq alone? People, I'm talkin' about unarmed civilians here! When I read the enclosed report, I shuddered to think of what casualties that the U.S. is going to suffer if we are that stupid to attack Iran in less than three days (if this report is factual). Them Iranians are going to eventually put up a serious fight. It is going to be very ugly and I would not be surprised if things go nuclear, folks. And if there be any amongst you who still thinks that President George W. Bush is a Christian man, then you are simply deceived and must needs repent immediately of that silly notion. Bush is no more a Christian man than the Pope of Rome himself [that Wicked, Antichrist, the Beast, the "little horn" of Daniel's prophetic utterances; the son of perdition: THE man of sin. This is a successive reign that has lasted over ten centuries, people! That's right: Antichrist is even now in our midst and at present has 1.1 BILLION SOULS that believe his lies and who are sadly Hell-bound for that they have not a love for The Truth!].

Did you know that the President of Iran, one Mr. Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad, recently submitted a 15+ page memorandum to the Smirking Chimp, and Bush didn't even take the time to address this mans thoughtful discourse. In the letter he clearly told President Bush that his enemy was not the citizens of the U.S., however, the thoughtful and serious amongst you may correctly concede that this could change overnight. Bush could have dissolved this whole thing months ago if he would have simply done "the right thing" and engaged in prompt diplomatic exchanges. Because he is a carnal man who has NOT the Holy Spirit of my Master in his heart, he is about to launch more blood-shed to come. He's picking a fight with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which until 1935 was known as "Persia". Hello? Them folks have been fighting for over 2,500 years now. Do not think for even a minute that they aren't good fighters, either. Them God-hating reprobates in the White House are possessed by demons and their feet are swift to shed innocent blood, both within the continental united States of America as well as over-seas, too. They are consumed with the love of filthy lucre (i.e., "money") and cannot get enough of it. The current "War on Terrorism" is a huge lie and it is taking place because of the Trillions of Dollars the rich and elite fat-cats are stowing up in these last days. See James ch.V, vss.1-6. All because of oil, black gold, Texas Tea, ya' dig? And, if you think things are difficult now, just wait 'till the Clinton Witch gets voted into Office come 2008 A.D.!

Map of the Iranian AO may be seen here: ... os/ir.html

Truly, Today is the day of salvation and every new day is a gift from the God of heaven. Those of you out there reading this must soon call upon the Lord Jesus Christ to save you from your sins. By His grace, through faith (both gifts from God) He is able to save us from everlasting Hell-fire, which each one of us justly deserves. Jesus Christ alone is able to do this. Wait not another day to repent and believe The Gospel, that which you can read for yourself in the holy bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). And whatever you do, stay out of the so-called Christian congregations, most of whom are preaching vanity, lying wonders, doctrines of demons and unsound, un-biblical folly: their primary interest is the monies in your wallet; they seek to bilk you out of $$$ as a faithful "Tither". They're far too busy planning their Easter plays, Bingo and bake sales to grasp that which I'm telling you right now. Read your bible at home; do so with your wives and little children at your knees. Pray unto Jesus Christ and ask Him to save all of you from His wrath to come. Believe me, His wrath shall indeed come. This is very, very serious. Things are going to get even more chaotic in the days ahead. I'll not be surprised to learn next week from some of you if the fuel prices for gasoline in Belize shoots right up to fifteen dollars (Bze) per gallon (currently around 5 U.S. dollars per gallon or 10 Belize dollars). I would not be surprised if fuel prices scream up to never-before-seen levels, here in the "good ol'" U.S of A... Life is going to get tougher and if we have not any faith in Jesus Christ, we shall fall and perish! Do right and risk the consequences. To close my commentary I now proclaim a three day fast, of which I invite you, my fellow Christian soldiers, to join me on, that we may humble ourselves before the God of heaven, that we may pray and seek His face for intercessions, righteousness and helps for the days ahead. No king but King Jesus!

"This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the LORD's mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in Him. The LORD is good unto them that wait for Him, to the soul that seeketh Him." Lamentations iii, 21-25

The LORD be magnified (not mere men)!

With love and care,
Billy Hoffmann

Brief Bio to follow: Billy was once a decorated commando in Naval Special Warfare as well as Joint Special Operations Command. He did not fear the God of heaven at that time, though he might sometimes mumble out an "Our Father" prior to exiting the back ramp of a huge cargo jet flyin' at 200 knots I.A.S., with 150 lbs.+ of rucksack, bullets, parachute, oxygen, grenades, rockets and weapons strapped to our nary behinds, from 25,000 feet A.G.L., at night, with forty (40) very large, tobacco-chewin', hairy-chested Frogmen that really liked to fight. Neither him nor his elite team-mates even new about the upright U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights. We certainly didn't read the bible and we were ripe for any evil and dirty deed, ordered by godless Civil Magistrates in The White House. We were some highly-trained, useful meat-puppets and conducted a few shameful missions here and there. Note to fellow U.S. Veterans: Grenada and Somalia were righteous missions though I be adamant that the rest were simply a "racket". I have a BIG HEART for such men as you, my brother's-in-Arms, whom it was this writers distinguished pleasure to have once served with (at sundry times and locales). "I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, let me do it now... for I shall not pass this way again." (Stephen Grellet)

My God is the Lord Jesus Christ: He is a Man of War and He only is my Jump-Master. Rise up, O men of God!

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Add'l. Note of interest: the Hebrew word for "Ambush" is arab, pronounced aw-rab`.

Operation Bite - April 6 Sneak Attack By US Forces On Iran Planned - Russian Military Sources Warn

General Ivashov Calls For Emergency Session Of UN Security Council To Ward Off Looming US Aggression

By Webster G. Tarpley

WASHINGTON DC -- The long awaited US military attack on Iran is now on track for the first week of April, specifically for 4 AM (04:00 Local) on April the 6th, the Good Friday opening of Easter weekend, writes the well-known Russian journalist Andrei Uglanov in the Moscow weekly "Argumenty Nedeli." Uglanov cites Russian military experts close to the Russian General Staff for his account.

The attack is slated to last for twelve hours, according to Uglanov, lasting from 4 AM until 4 PM local time. Friday is a holiday in Iran. In the course of the attack, code named Operation Bite, about 20 targets are marked for bombing; the list includes uranium enrichment facilities, research centers, and laboratories.

The first reactor at the Bushehr nuclear plant, where Russian engineers are working, is supposed to be spared from destruction. The US attack plan reportedly calls for the Iranian air defense system to be degraded, for numerous Iranian warships to be sunk in the Persian Gulf, and the for the most important headquarters of the Iranian armed forces to be wiped out.

The attacks will be mounted from a number of bases, including the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. Diego Garcia is currently home to B-52 bombers equipped with stand-off missiles. Also participating in the air strikes will be US naval aviation from aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf, as well as from those of the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean. Additional Cruise Missiles will be fired from submarines in the Indian Ocean and off the coast of the Arabian peninsula. The goal is allegedly to set back Iran's nuclear program by several years, writes Uglanov, whose article was re-issued by RIA-Novosti in various languages, but apparently not English, several days ago. The story is the top item on numerous Italian and German blogs, but so far appears to have been ignored by US websites.

Observers comment that this dispatch represents a high-level orchestrated leak from the Kremlin, in effect a war warning, which draws on the formidable resources of the Russian intelligence services, and which deserves to be taken with the utmost seriousness by pro-peace forces around the world.

Asked by RIA-Novosti to comment on the Uglanov report, retired Colonel General Leonid Ivashov confirmed its essential features in a March 21 interview: "I have no doubt that there will be an operation, or more precisely a violent action against Iran." Ivashov, who has reportedly served at various times as an informal advisor to Putin, is currently the Vice President of the Moscow Academy for Geopolitical Sciences.

Ivashov attributed decisive importance to the decision of the Democratic leadership of the US House of Representatives to remove language from the just-passed Iraq supplemental military appropriations bill which would have demanded that Bush come to Congress before launching an attack on Iran. Ivashov pointed out that the language was eliminated under pressure from AIPAC, the lobbing group representing the Israeli extreme right, and of Israeli Foreign Minister Tsipi Livni.

"We have drawn the unmistakable conclusion that this operation will take place," said Ivashov. In his opinion, the US planning does not include a land operation: " Most probably there will be no ground attack, but rather massive air attacks with the goal of annihilating Iran's capacity for military resistance, the centers of administration, the key economic assets, and quite possibly the Iranian political leadership, or at least part of it," he continued.

Ivashov noted that it was not to be excluded that the Pentagon would use smaller tactical nuclear weapons against targets of the Iranian nuclear industry. These attacks could paralyze everyday life, create panic in the population, and generally produce an atmosphere of chaos and uncertainty all over Iran, Ivashov told RIA-Novosti. "This will unleash a struggle for power inside Iran, and then there will be a peace delegation sent in to install a pro-American government in Teheran," Ivashov continued. One of the US goals was, in his estimation, to burnish the image of the current Republican administration, who would now be able to boast that they had wiped out the Iranian nuclear program.

Among the other outcomes, General Ivashov pointed to a partition of Iran along the same lines as Iraq, and a subsequent carving up of the Near and Middle East into smaller regions. "This concept worked well for them in the Balkans and will now be applied to the greater Middle East," he commented.

"Moscow must expert Russia's influence by demanding an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council to deal with the current preparations for an illegal use of force against Iran and the destruction of the basis of the United Nations Charter," said General Ivashov. "In this context Russia could cooperate with China, France and the non-permanent members of the Security Council. We need this kind of preventive action to ward off the use of force," he concluded.
"For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; He will save us." Isaiah xxxiii, 22
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