2009-11-03: 'Drunk' cops gun down sweets seller

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2009-11-03: 'Drunk' cops gun down sweets seller

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'Drunk' cops gun down sweets seller
November 03 2009 at 08:36AM

By Graeme Hosken
Crime Reporter

A Pretoria sweets vendor was shot dead by two apparently drunk Pretoria
police officers when he demanded that they pay for sweets they allegedly
took from him.

The vendor, who is known only as Paul, was killed after he became
involved in a scuffle with the Pretoria Central police station
constables, moments after he tried to grab the sweets, which the
off-duty policemen took from his Bosman Street stall during the early
hours of Sunday.

The attack occurred when the policemen, who were returning to their
barracks after allegedly spending the evening at a pub, stopped next to
Paul as he set up his stall and apparently started grabbing and eating
sweets which he was selling.

As Paul overpowered one of the police officers, who he hit him over the
head with a bottle, the policeman's colleague ran to their nearby bar-
racks and returned with his 9mm pistol.

The police officers opened fire on Paul, shooting him in an eye and an
arm. He died on the scene.

The police officers are believed to have been arrested after several
other vendors, who were setting up their stalls close by, apparently
witnessed the attack and alerted a passing police patrol van to the

Independent Complaints Directorate spokesman Moses Dlamini said the
policemen were immediately arrested and would appear in the Pretoria
Magistrate's Court on Tuesday on charges of murder.

He confirmed that the policemen, who were stationed at Pretoria Central
police station, had been returning from a nearby pub when they shot and
killed the vendor.

"Paul, whose full identity we are battling to establish, was shot in the
eye and the arm and died next to his stall on the corner of Bosman and
Church streets," he said.

"When Paul demanded that they pay him for the sweets, they allegedly
refused and a fight broke out between the three men. During the fight,
Paul apparently hit one of the officers over the head and overpowered

"As Paul was fighting with the policeman, the policeman's colleague ran
to his residence, fetched his service pistol and returned to where his
colleague and Paul were still fighting.

"During the fight, one of the policemen fired two shots, killing Paul,"
said Dlamini.

o This article was originally published on page 1 of Pretoria
News on November 03, 2009
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