The Namibian : 2007-09-27 : Government wants gun ban

After helping to increase crime in South Africa by removing guns from law-abiding citizens, the anti-gun crowd have now moved to Namibia to wreak their havoc there.

The Namibian : 2007-09-27 : Government wants gun ban

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Thursday, September 27, 2007 - Web posted at 7:58:54 GMT

Government wants gun ban

GOVERNMENT intends to impose a temporary moratorium on issuing firearm licences and to amend several sections of the law regulating the possession of arms.

In a ministerial statement, Peter Tsheehama, who is the Minister of Safety and Security, told the National Assembly on Tuesday that one of the proposed amendments would be to prohibit the sale of small firearms and light weapons "to individual, natural persons."

Once he tabled the amendments to the Arms and Ammunition Act of 1996, Parliament should also consider whether the Ministry could "buy back all the legal firearms and light weapons from their rightful owners and compensate them."

The Minister did not say how this mammoth task would be undertaken and what the costs would be.
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