2007-06-30 : Basic requirements for a firearm licence


2007-06-30 : Basic requirements for a firearm licence

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Basic requirements for a firearm licence

HOW to get a gun permit:

You need to be 21 years of age or older and a South African citizen or permanent resident.

Approach an accredited provider to assist you with the relevant training as prescribed by the Firearms Control Act (FCA).

Training includes sufficient knowledge of the FCA and how to handle a firearm, including storage and cleaning. The registered provider will give you a certificate confirming you’ve had training.

Apply for a competency certificate that establishes you are not a criminal and do not have a dependency on drugs, alcohol or any other substance.

The South African Police Service will then do a fingerprint check and talk to close relatives and neighbours to determine your state of mind.

You can then apply for a firearm if you are found to be a stable and mentally healthy person.


Licence renewals keep firearm owners accountable and responsible for their firearms. Renewals help the government keep accurate records of legal firearms in the country.

Licences for restricted firearms and firearms used for business purposes other than hunting need to be renewed every two years.

Firearm licences for self-defence and hunting purposes need to be renewed every five years.

All other categories of firearm licences should be renewed every 10 years.
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