Amnesty period relicencing

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Amnesty period relicencing

Postby crimefree » Mon, 2010-01-18 14:36

Anyone give this any thought?

Having to relicence under the terms of the amnesty means.

A full competency certificate.
Safe to new SABS specs
More money, more time and greater chance of refusal.

Once again the SAPS just ignore the Act and decide that this is a special case they can set the rules.

But more obvious is that they do not want anyone to apply and will make it as difficult as possible.

They will also be able to claim that those who did not make use of the wonderful opportunity given did not intend to relicence when those firearms become illegal very soon. 900,000 on the chopping block who will never again support anyone owning a firearm.

Not the kind of problem I would like to be a part of but the choice is every firearm owners as are the consequences of allowing this to happen.
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