Len B Licence Application Log

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Len B Licence Application Log

Postby Len B » Thu, 2009-10-08 14:20

Hi All

I just want to keep you up to date with my application

New Licence Application:

1. 08/10/2009: I have handed in my application this morning at Kraaifontein SAPD.
2. 08/10/2009: Safe inspection already done.
3. 14/10/2009: Application not written into register yet. Still needs to be captured on system as well.
4. 15/10/2009: I went to SAP and stood there till they written application into register, captured it on the system and provided me with the
5. 15/10/2009: Application sent to Province.
6. 16/10/2009: Application received at Province.

Application for Temp Permit

1. 15/10/2009: Handed in application for Temp Permit.
2. 15/10/2009: Application taken to Province.
3. 16/10/2009: Application received at Province.
3. 19/10/2009: Application needs to be sent back to DFO. Application not captured by SAPD
Kraaifontein and copies not certified. Got informed that all Section 21 Temp Applications get sent
to CFR according to communication sent by DFO. Cannot tell me who to speak to at DFO or what
the process is or how long it s going to take.

Re-licencing Application:

1. Handed in re-licencing application and Competency at Kraaifontein SAPD on 29/03/2007.
2. Queried applications various times with same result: In process
3. Competency approved 29/08/2008
4. Competency received 25/08/2009 (One Year Later)
5. Queried Licences again this morning. Will you believe ..... Kraaifontein SAPD says: Sent to
Province. Province checked: They have not received it. IN OTHER WORDS: Since the the
29/03/2007 to 08/10/2009 ( 2 years and 7 months later) my re-licencing application is lost
between Kraaifontein SAPD and Province after being told every time I queried it is in process.
6. Kraaifontein SAPD must now provide a copy of my application to province so they can start again.
7. 14/10/2009 - Copies found at Kraaifontein SAPD. Waiting on Province to see if they will accept
copies. If not I must reapply with all
documentation. Awaiting feedback from Kraaifontein SAPD as Province is not available today -
Team building..........
8. 15/10/2009: Original documents has miraculously appeared. Note attached requesting Hunting
Letter. This is the same letter I faxes to them 2
years ago and handed them the original. ??. Application now sent to Province.
9. 16/10/2009: Application received at Province.
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Re: Len B Licence Application Log

Postby crimefree » Thu, 2009-10-15 09:43

Len B wrote:Hi All

I just want to keep you up to date with my application

Looks like I gonna wait a while........

There must be a dozen people who read this who know that SAGA is looking for evidence of delayed applications. 1 year is totally unacceptable as is 6 months.

Please contact SAGA. All information is in confidence and will not be used if you say so and ask.


Lets do our bit to help instead of just bitching to each other.

I have no connection to SAGA.
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