Reasons for refusal

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Reasons for refusal

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2007-11-06 08:39

From SAFirearmForum :

The following is part of the refusal letter from a customer who has been trying to obtain his licence since 2004 for a Taurus 9mmP.

Your application for a firearm licence for self-defence in terms of section 13 of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No 60 of 2000) was refused due to, inter alia, the following reason/s:

You failed to provide any substantive and or adequate reasons in order to proof that a need exist to possess the particular firearm and that the need cannot be satisfied by any other means than possessing the said firearm.

You indicated that it is required from you to travel most distances day and night without proving detailed information or documentary proof.

You failed to provide detailed information regarding the property you wish to protect.

You failed to provide any supplementary documentation in support of your motivation.

You did not convince the Registrar that there exist circumstances or reasons that necessitate the possession of the firearm.

It is expected of you to provide a comprehensive motivation which must be substantiated with supplementary documentation when applying for a firearm licence.

In response to this, another member replied :

I included (among other things) the following in my application for a firearm for self defense....

* Signed contracts with clients which includes proof of the the industrial areas they are in
* Previous crime cuttings from newspapers regarding these areas (hijackings)
* Invoices sent to clients in bad areas which add up to quite a substantial amount of money (or they did for the ones I chose to send)
* License & registration & invoice copies of my sports car proving I own it and its value
* Simple drawings to show that the only way to get to my clients is through "dangerous" areas
* Credit card statements for 3 months showing a substantial turnover on my credit cards (incl business cards) and the limits thereof, ie. money I have access to
* Bank statements to show the amount of money I would have access to should I forced by criminals to draw/hand/transfer it over

Total number of pages was 73 as far as I remember.

The more info you include, less chance you have of a refusal. Take the time to sit and think what the risks to your life are if you are a victim of crime, write down in point form everything, then expand. It took me about two weeks to compile all the info required and it was well worth it.

Application was approved in 3 months in the beginning of 2006, no questions asked.

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