Q. Howzit, I'm handing in my renewals tomorrow....

Discuss the good and the bad of licencing and re-licencing your firearms

Still waiting for your new license? How long.

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Q. Howzit, I'm handing in my renewals tomorrow....

Postby Martin_tu » Tue, 2007-03-27 12:46

(Cont'd) Any advice on how I motivate for self-defense handgun? (AA). END.

Besides not getting into the system, the Act itself has much advice and indicates what you need to do. ‘Wacko’ Jacko Bothma, (Director of CFR), has on a number of occasions given as much as he feels you need.

Writing a letter to the media is easier than writing a motivation. Consider that the clowns who will pass this application could not put 2 and 2 together and get closer than about 33. Anything implied is not stated. Whereas 2 and 2, is actually 2

The Act clearly indicates that you must be a fit and proper person ("fit" not being a subscription to Jakes Gym). The point always ignored is that you must prove that only a handgun will do.

Leave this out at your own peril because Bothma has stated if you do, you will not get a licence, even if you submit a 500 page motivation. See the Act.

You need to show why you think your life is in more danger than any average person. A written death threat would be nice......

Special circumstances.... medical, physical, work, age, sex, travel, area, location, occupation......

If you belong to your local CPF you may be aware of the crime stats for your area and could use these.

Best advice is; read the Act and regulations on licence applications and know what is required. (Available elsewhere on the GOSA website).

Note also that no new evidence may be submitted in any appeal. If you did not mention it in your application you can't use it later.

You may also want to phone CFR and ask how many relicensing applications have been processed and how many have been refused. If you get an answer we all want to know.

If you decide not to be a part of this fiasco, read through the GOSA archives, which give a number of options.

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Postby wrm » Tue, 2007-03-27 13:19

I handed in the relicencing paperwork on 9 Dec 2005.

My competency was granted (or whatever the right word is) 30 Aug 2006. Says CFR. I havn't seen the elusive little card yet.

A few weeks ago Bellville DFO phoned me asking for a letter from a farmer saying that I hunt on his farm. This is for my 22 rifle (which I use for silhouette shooting) and my 30-30 rifle (which is actually gun #1 of my proposed collection of lever-action firearms).

Seems that there's a standard checklist for rifles and it has a box marked "hunting" but no boxes marked "sport" or "collector". Ah well, never mind, I know a friendly farmer so letter was organised.

And that's the state of affairs as of 2007-03-27.

Edit : received my renewed licences (five of them) 2007-09-07. 21 Months.

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