Police most crooked and unhelpful - survey.

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Police most crooked and unhelpful - survey.

Postby Martin_tu » Sun, 2006-06-18 11:10

Police most crooked and unhelpful, says survey. (Hey! Ya think?)

18 June 2006 http://www.sundaytimes.co.za/articles/a ... ST6A191168

THE police are the most corrupt and the least helpful public service agency, and the fight against crime is still a lower priority for black South Africans than it is for whites, a new survey showed this week. Local government and councillors also took a pasting in the latest round of the Afrobarometer tracking survey, which measured attitudes to government and the public service since 1995.

The approval rating for councillors plunged from 51% in 2004 to 38% in February, with President Thabo Mbeki, provincial premiers and Parliament all getting better marks. The survey also showed that 45% of South Africans believe that all, or most, local government councillors and officials are corrupt. But those polled rated the police as the worst, with 48% saying that all or most police officers are corrupt — up from 38% four years ago. Fewer than one in 10 said it was “very easy” to get help from the police.

Only 42% of those polled said the government was doing a good job in responding to the situation in Zimbabwe, but even that figure was higher than the 35% approval rating for the government’s fight against crime. The Afrobarometer, run by the Institute for Democracy in South Africa, the Centre for Democratic Development in Ghana and Michigan State University in the US, uses face-to-face surveys to track perceptions of government in 18 African countries. The latest South African survey was conducted in February, questioning 2500 people, more than 40% of whom resided in rural areas. Responses confirmed that crime is a higher priority for whites than for blacks. More than six out of 10 blacks rank unemployment as the top priority, with crime fifth behind housing, poverty and HIV/Aids.

Just over half of whites put jobs at the top of the list and just under half of whites said that fighting crime should come first. — Brendan Boyle
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Postby Emilio » Mon, 2006-06-19 16:19

Police crooked? Who woulda thunk dat? Geez... :idea:
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