2008-03-04 : Beat crime by being own bodyguard

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2008-03-04 : Beat crime by being own bodyguard

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2008-04-14 07:36

Beat crime by being own bodyguard
Sashni Pather Published:Mar 04, 2008

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: Casey Christie´s new book shows you how to
stop being a victim

Author Casey Christie says intelligent avoidance tactics will
keep you safe

Crime can be avoided if people learn how to use intelligent
avoidance tactics.

This is the belief of a 24-year-old police reservist and
security specialist, Casey Christie, who has written a book
called Be Your Own Bodyguard.

The book contains advice on how best to protect yourself and
your loved ones, and includes accounts and anecdotes about
street life.

"Ninetypercent of crime can be avoided if people learn these
intelligent, anti-crime tactics," said Christie.

"The book tells you how to avoid hijackings, how to make optimum
use of the police and how to protect your home - [where] the
worst kind of violence is found."

Christie said the objective of his book was to dispel the
"victim mentality" that had gripped so many South Africans.

He said smash-and-grab crimes simply didn´t have to happen.

"It comes down to a simple thing like not leaving your handbag
or briefcase on the car seat."

Christie related the story of a man who left his car in the
driveway with the keys in the ignition while he was in his house
for a few minutes.

"Two men who were walking by saw the car and made off with it.

"You don´t become a victim if you take precautions."

Christie tries to encourage readers to support the police and
become active in the war against crime.

"No one knows better how to train a community than someone who
lives there.

"Become a reservist and be active in the community policing

"[People] think that criminals are intelligent and look like
thugs. This is not so. They are really young and can be beaten."

Christie said his book was easy to read and not like a textbook

"My real-life examples show how not to behave in a particular

"Criminals invading your house is [something] that you have the
power to prevent."
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