2007-12-03 : Hijackers' killer has no regrets

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2007-12-03 : Hijackers' killer has no regrets

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Hijackers' killer has no regrets
Nkululeko Ncana Published:Dec 03, 2007

Marc Ishlove, the police reservist who shot dead two hijackers at shopping
centre last week, says he did what he had to to save innocent lives.

Despite being labelled a gunslinging racist on radio call-in shows, the
experienced reservist and firearms trainer told The Times he believed he
did the right thing.

A financial adviser by profession, Ishlove advocates for South Africans to
arm themselves against criminals "willing to kill at all cost".

Ishlove shot and killed two would-be hijackers at Fir Drive Centre in
Northcliff, Johannesburg last week.

The two armed men in trench coats and leather gloves approached Elmarie
Wypkema, 41, and demanded she hand over her wedding ring and luxury red
Porsche. When she refused, there was a struggle and Wypkema and her
attacker fell to the ground.

Her attacker then held a gun to her neck threatening to kill her.

Ishlove, who was at nearby restaurant, witnessed this and rushed to
Wypkema's aid. He got himself in a position for a clear shot at the
hijacker, who was leaning over Wypkema, and fired once, hitting the man in
the side.

When the hijacker fell over and raised his weapon, Ishlove fired another
shot into his chest. Immediately afterwards there was another shot, which
narrowly missed Ishlove, who realised there was a second assailant already
in the Porsche.

Ishlove fired one shot, killing the man instantly.

Ishlove said: "It was instinct and my training that came into play because
I was almost within point-blank range of the attackers. I saw everything in
a clear perspective. He [the hijacker in the Porsche] missed, but I didn't."

Dubbed by some as an insensitive man, Ishlove said his actions were
justified and did not see any reason to show remorse for having killed the men.

Ishlove said: "I was able to stop these men from killing innocent people,
and if I should be showing any pity for these criminals, then I'm sorry I
won't. It's not that I killed innocent people."

With more than 30 years' experience as a police reservist, Ishlove said it
was imperative people understand that the actions he took were in the
defence of other lives, as well as his own.

He said: "We should not get this twisted … this is not about killing
people, it's about defending lives. The defence was proportionate to the
attack because these men were armed with guns that were fully loaded and
they were prepared to use them."

Ishlove said: "You don't have to wait to get shot at before you can defend
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