2007-04-15 : David Bullard : Crime is a business

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2007-04-15 : David Bullard : Crime is a business

Postby GOSA » Thu, 2007-04-19 08:41

Crime is an excellent business proposition

15 April 2007
David Bullard

Crime, like any business venture, essentially comes down to an
assessment of the risk/reward ratio.

Simply put, if the potential reward is substantially higher than the
risk then you have a good business.

Absurd as it may seem, the law in this country favours the criminal
over the crime victim.

So, for example, you are not permitted to shoot a gun-wielding thug who
has broken into your home with the intention of robbing you and raping
the female members of your family. And if he so much as grazes his hands
on the security spikes you put on the top of the wall he has a legal
case against you.

If you shoot him he will be airlifted, at the taxpayer*s expense, to
a well-equipped private hospital and given the finest medical care your
money can buy. The government*s perverse view is that we don*t want
to be accused by the international community of offering our violent
criminals anything but the best when it comes to healthcare, even if we
do have to handcuff them to the bed.

If he shoots you, then you*ll first need to prove that you are a
member of a reliable medical aid scheme before anything can happen.
Failing that, you will have to join the queue at a public hospital. The
average bill for a gunshot wound is around R40000, but if you need
extensive surgery that amount can easily escalate to over R100000.

Even if your medical aid coughs up, you*ll still find yourself
chipping in a hefty amount for the bits not covered by medical aid.

If you*re unfortunate enough not to be adequately covered, a gunshot
wound could easily bankrupt you. No such worries for the state-sponsored
criminal, though.

I have been hugely impressed at the dedication shown by the police
officers involved in the investigation of my recent shooting. I can*t
help thinking that if more of us got involved with our local police or
even visited the police station to thank them for risking their lives
for us and offering some words of encouragement then we would have a far
more motivated police force.

However, it soon became apparent that, despite their best efforts, the
police are woefully under-resourced and overstretched.

Consequently, the chance of an arrest and a successful prosecution are
slim. That substantially lowers the risk side of the equation and makes
crime an attractive and glamorous occupation, even for those who could
make an honest living if they really wanted to.

The culture of greed cultivated by the government must be held partly
to blame for the current crime wave. Ostentatious displays of wealth are
encouraged because they supposedly demonstrate that one person is
*better* than another because he or she has a faster car, a more
modern cellphone, more expensive shoes, a flashier watch, and so on.
Some people suggest that such crass vulgarity is good for the poor
because it gives them hope.

Who can blame people with no education and low self-esteem for
believing that a pair of trainers or a designer-label golf shirt will
earn them the respect they so desperately crave?

What we urgently need is a strong leader to unite the nation against
the common enemy of crime. Instead we have a man who has so little
confidence in the future of this country that he is building a wall to
protect himself.
What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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