2006-06-28 : Try living in our world, Nqakula

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2006-06-28 : Try living in our world, Nqakula

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2006-06-30 08:34


Try living in our world, Nqakula June 28, 2006

This is nothing but the pure arrogance of a dictator who answers to no one but himself. Minister of Safety and Security Charles Nqakula's reference to most of us as "whingers" shows his ignorance and I-don't-care attitude towards the voters of this country...From Njemnyama of KwaMashu

No! Mr Nqakula, not all of us enjoy the "reign of terror". We do not have bodyguards surrounding us. We do not travel in convoys with motor-bike riders and sirens warning hijackers and other "road rangers".

Mr Nqakula, you live in another world. If you lived in the same world as most of us, you would be aware of the crime that is consuming our communities. Jimmy Kruger might have signed your banning order. That is part of history. However, you sound more like the apartheid general who said he only killed "flies" after the death of the great Steve Biko.

If this is how you feel about those who object to your insignificant action against crime, then surely our murdered loved ones are nothing but flies to you. If you had your way, you would have already signed banning orders for those against crime including potential investors. Is this the dispensation you are boasting about?

Njemnyama, KwaMashu
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