Hero knocks down robber - 24Apr06

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Hero knocks down robber - 24Apr06

Postby Rudi » Mon, 2006-04-24 17:59

Hero knocks down robber

http://www.dailynews.co.za/index.php?fS ... Id=3216780

Chats driver helps catch armed criminal
April 24, 2006

By Irene Kuppan

A Chatsworth man has been hailed a hero by his community and police for chasing after a gun-wielding robber and knocking him over with his car at the weekend.

The man's actions led to one robber being arrested and have given police a possible break through that they say could lead to more arrests.

The man, whose name is known to the Daily News, was a customer at Bargain Man in Chatsworth when it was robbed by five armed men on Saturday.

The owner of the store, Mervin Govender, said the men entered the shop separately while there were more than 20 customers inside.

"They spread themselves around the store, cocked their guns and demanded that all the staff and customers lie on the floor. They grabbed one of the cashiers, roughed her up a little and made her open the tills," he said.

Govender said a large amount of money had been taken from three tills.

"They stole cellphones, wallets and car keys from the customers and left," he said.

While four of the robbers got into a Golf, it is believed that one of the robbers was left behind.

"The robber started running towards Chatsworth Centre but a customer got into his car and followed him. The man managed to knock over the robber, who then hit the pavement. Police arrived on the scene and arrested the robber," said Govender.

Visvin Reddy, deputy chairman of the Chatsworth and District Against Crime Forum, commended the man for his actions.

"He is a brave man who acted in a selfless manner. His actions will help police greatly with their investigations," he said.

Reddy said the man's actions were an indication that people were fed up with crime and were willing to risk their own lives to help arrest criminals.

He said it appeared that the group of men that robbed Bargain Man was the same gang that was involved in a recent spate of robberies in the Chatsworth area.

"They fit the description and have the same modus operandi. They carry out their robberies in a very professional manner. This gang is terrorising our neighbourhood," Reddy said.

However, police spokesman Insp Thulani Mkhize said it was still too early to tell if the same gang had been responsible for the other robberies.

"That can only be established once our investigation is complete," he said.
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