Life has so little value - 21 Apr06<br><br>
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Life has so little value - 21 Apr06

Postby Rudi » Fri, 2006-04-21 18:34

Life has so little value
April 21, 2006 ... Id=3213206

By the Editor

There is a family in KwaZulu-Natal today that is devastated by the security guard strike. Siyabonga Ndlovu did not subscribe to the strike called by the SA Transport and Allied Workers Union and reported for duty for Metrorail at the Shallcross station.

Some 60 strikers arrived by train joined by about 10 from another train. They allegedly turned on Ndlovu for not joining the strike, began to beat him and as he tried to flee from the assault, a gun was pulled and the guard was shot dead. The mob then casually walked off into the surrounding area.

Around the rest of the country there have also been incidents of violence and serious looting - whether by the strikers or criminals taking advantage of the security guard strike is not known.

Police have been called out for extra patrols to ensure the strikers do not get out of hand and to keep a lid on the simmering violence that seems to pervade South African society.

What is it with some people that they care so little about the value of human life?

Is it that, still scarred by the brutality of apartheid, their pain erupts into bloodlust. That may be so for some, but many of those who appear to kill so easily were too young to have felt the brunt of the evils of the past.

Is it that the right of freedom is still so new that some among us believe this is a right to be free from restraint and responsibility and respect for the lives and property of others?

If this is so, it is a grievous misinterpretation and political parties, particularly the majority ANC, urgently need to re-educate their members to the real meanings of democracy.

It is the right of any group to strike for a better deal, just as it is the right of any individual to refuse to strike. These rights are set in the Constitution and those who so carelessly flaunt those principles, besmirch the memory of those who suffered hideously to bring them their freedom.
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