2007-04-18 : Double standards on gun controls

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2007-04-18 : Double standards on gun controls

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2007-06-06 07:39

Double Standards?

I have a question. If it is illegal to use lethal force against a thief to
protect your assets, then why do corporations such as banks make use of
armed guards tooled up with assault weapons to protect money in transit
inside armoured vehicles? Are they not, by implication, using firearms to
protect an asset?

It is a case of double standards.

Banks and corporations, that provide sponsorship to anti-firearms groups,
that transport large volumes of currency in armoured vehicles, ought to take
Gun Free South Africa's advice and do what ordinary victims are told to do
by GFSA: Give in to the criminal. Let the criminal take what he wants (from
the armoured vehicle). Stay unarmed and gun free as this will lead to a
crime free society and make you safe.

Oh really?

That is good advice...if you are a career criminal sniffing out his next
cash vehicle to pounce upon. Bad advice for banks, for it will encourage
more attacks on cash-transit vehicles. Therefore one cannot blame the
pro-gun lobby for their belief that gun control is about victim disarmament.

In light of this thought, one can only laugh at the stupidity of gun control
advocates who believe that South Africa will be safer without legal guns,
and shudder at the real motives of corporations and politicians who sponsor
a gun control ideology that they themselves would never follow in a billion

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