2006-10-20 : Bullets fly and passers-by duck


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2006-10-20 : Bullets fly and passers-by duck

Postby GOSA » Thu, 2006-10-26 18:05

Bullets fly and passers-by duck as police confront fleeing gangsters

RESIDENTS of Red Location in New Brighton had to dive for cover and run for their lives when a gang of armed robbers and police started shooting wildly at each other yesterday.

The gang had earlier robbed a scrap metal owner in Sidwell at gunpoint and police were in pursuit when the shooting started shortly after 10am.

Horrified Avenue C residents ran for cover at the sound of gunfire as three men started shooting at police.

Inspector Hazel Mqala said the police had come under a hail of bullets after they spotted the green Ford Sierra that was used by the robbers.

A patrol saw the car in a field and the members were about to search it when the three got out of the vehicle and started shooting at them.

"They returned fire as the men tried to escape from the scene," Mqala said.

The dramatic shoot-out lasted a few minutes, with no one on either side sustaining any injuries.

Mqala said the men managed to run away to nearby houses with the cash they had earlier stolen from Thandabantu Scrap Metal in Sidwell Street.

They abandoned the vehicle in which they had made their getaway.

Mqala said police were confident of making arrests soon.

"We have enough information about the activities of the suspects."
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