2006-10-17 : Scorpions fired random shots at us


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2006-10-17 : Scorpions fired random shots at us

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2006-10-18 14:24

Scorpions fired random shots at us, man tells court

SHOCKED residents of Bluewater Bay in Port Elizabeth yesterday recalled how two members of the elite Scorpions unit allegedly disturbed the peace in the neighbourhood and fired shots at them.

Mmantshimude Simon Lekalakala, and Gordon Thabe Phalane, both 32, of Soshanguve, Pretoria, are facing a string of charges, including attempted murder.

Other charges include discharging firearms in a municipal area, the negligent discharge of firearms, reckless or negligent driving, failure to comply with a police request, and the use of false registration plates.

The men are standing trial in the Port Elizabeth regional court following their arrest near Hamville Street in Bluewater Bay on September 12, 2003.

Prior to the incident the two men had arrived in the city for an undercover investigation. The State alleges that they followed two women students they had earlier met at Kwaito House in Central, but got lost.

The drama started after 4.30am when residents got frustrated at the behaviour of the men driving two government vehicles and playing excessively loud music.

Bluewater Bay resident Anthony Hammond testified how Lekalakala allegedly fired two warning shots in the air and later aimed two shots at him and his terrified wife, Rethea.

The couple had been woken up by bright lights shining directly into their bedroom window and loud music from a white Opel parked on their lawn.

"I approached the person sitting in the car with request to lower the music because our nine-month-old baby was trying to get to sleep inside the house. His reply was that my introduction sucked," Hammond said. Lekalakala allegedly pointed his finger at Hammond's chest and swore him. Hammond responded by slapping the investigator in the face.

Lekalakala then ran to a second car which was parked in the middle of road and, after a brief argument with the other driver, Hammond noticed him (Lekalakala) reach for something.

"He suddenly pulled out a firearm, firing two warning shots in the air and two in the general direction where my wife and I were," he said.

Magistrate Tobie Gerber wanted to know how it was possible that Lekalakala missed the couple just three metres from him. Hammond said he did not know.

The court also heard that when the police were called to the scene, Lekalakala and Phalane reportedly raced off and both of their official vehicles were involved in accidents in the ensuing chase.

The case continues.
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Postby Leitmotif » Fri, 2006-10-20 10:20

Fired warning shots into the air?! Wonder where those came down... O.o
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