2007-01-02 : Letter : Time for hiking buddies

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2007-01-02 : Letter : Time for hiking buddies

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2007-01-03 13:32


Time for hiking buddies
January 02, 2007 Edition 1

Isn't Cape Town fantastic? Without effort, here is another job opportunity ripe for an entrepreneur to make a killing: fully armed hiking buddies.

Your friendly and knowledgeable armed guard/guide will escort you on leisurely walks in and around the Table Mountain National Park or Kirstenbosch, finger on the trigger, securing your trail, leaving you free to enjoy the beauty of Cape Town.

The "deluxe" option could include a porter carrying your valuables sealed in a backpack strong-box. The "super deluxe" option, car guards.

It could be co-sponsored by the SANDF as part of its basic training course (the advantage here is that the guards would be camouflaged).

Frequent hikers could purchase a "go mean" card, with great marketing and tourist potential. Your guard could also blast away at exotic deer or dassies that you might come across - an exhilarating sort of canned hunting right here on our doorstep.

Mike Dallas

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