2006-12-20 : Gun-free does not equate to crime-free

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2006-12-20 : Gun-free does not equate to crime-free

Postby GOSA » Thu, 2006-12-21 09:29


Gun-free does not equate to crime-free

December 20, 2006 Edition 1

Once again a high-profile personality makes headline news as a victim of violent crime in South Africa. What happened to the government's gun-free utopia?

The past few months have seen violent crime escalate to levels that prompt even international institutions to voice concerns.

This latest horror killing of Taliep Petersen is testimony that the Fire-arms Control Act is proving to be precisely what many predicted - a diabolical disaster, contrary to claims by Gun Free South Africa and cronies.

Our unofficial crime stats are more convincing proof than ever that the ANC government's propagandist gun control and disarmament campaigns are bearing fruit, in that we are all at the mercy of violent criminals.

The public has been led to believe that the inanimate gun is the problem and elimination of guns from society will spontaneously transform us into a safe and secure utopia. What utter rubbish.

We have a violent, sick and demented society and no amount of gun control will alleviate that harsh reality. Perhaps indicative of Gun Free SA's double standards and contentious agendas is its stark, ominous silence.

Gun-free simply does not equate to crime-free.

The police cannot protect us, just as our private security companies are handicapped due to bureaucratic bungling by government departments while applying the Firearms Control Act.

We have no option but to become pro-active within our family and immediate social circles. And the government would do well to keep their bloodied hands off those who take to arms merely to defend themselves and the lives of loved ones.

John Cussons
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