2006-08-28 : President denies SA is heading for lawlessness

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2006-08-28 : President denies SA is heading for lawlessness

Postby GOSA » Mon, 2006-08-28 14:42

President denies SA is heading for lawlessness

Cape Argus August 28, 2006

South Africa is not about to descend into a state of lawlessness, despite the high crime levels, President Thabo Mbeki says.

But something had to be done about the entrenched level of violence, the president told a media briefing in Cape Town yesterday, after a weekend meeting of the ANC provincial executive committee.

The Rapport newspaper reports that business magnate Johann Rupert, in a meeting with Mbeki last week, had told him that crime had reached crisis point.

The newspaper quoted Rupert as saying there was a great danger that rising crime could bring a descent into general lawlessness, as had happened in Colombia - one of the most violent countries in the world.

But yesterday Mbeki quoted Rupert as saying: "President, I agree with you (when you say) there is something in this society, which entrenches a level of violence that is unacceptable."

Mbeki denied the country was sinking into lawlessness.

"There wasn't any suggestion the country's about to drop into the Atlantic Ocean because of crime," he said. - Sapa
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