2008-04-10 : Cop vows to kill criminals

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2008-04-10 : Cop vows to kill criminals

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2008-05-16 11:00

Cop vows to kill criminals
10 April 2008, 10:57

http://www.capeargus.co.za/?fSectionId= ... 122C907818

By Gill Gifford and Graham Hosken

A deputy minister's order to police not to worry about
regulations or the constitution and shoot to kill has been
criticised as tantamount to sanctioning them to break the law.

Deputy Safety and Security Minister Susan Shabangu, speaking at
an anti-crime imbizo in Pretoria West on Wednesday, told police:
"You must kill the bastards if they threaten you or the
community. You must not worry about the regulations. That is my
responsibility. Your responsibility is to serve and protect."

These utterances have astounded legal experts and human rights
activists who have described Shabangu's instructions as "a
recipe for chaos and the complete breakdown for law and order".

Shabangu, who received a standing ovation for her speech, was
responding to questions by residents of Danville, Pretoria West,
Lotus Gardens, Hercules and Elandspoort who were complaining
about poor police performance.

Her words have drawn strong criticism as they are seen as
encouragement to police to disregard Section 49 of the Criminal
Procedures Act which states that police are justified in killing
a criminal only if a life is in danger.

"The law is clear. The police are granted the right to shoot to
kill, but only under limited circumstances. They are not free to
do it at will which would be the general understanding of what
the minister has said," said Jody Kollapen, chairperson of the
SA Human Rights Commission.

A policeman who called in to Talk Radio 702 on Thursday morning
stated that he had agreed whole heartedly with Shabangu's
sentiments and would be following her instructions.

"She is right. I am going to shoot and kill those bastards," he
claimed on air.
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