2007-11-05 : 'We just knew someone had been killed, again'

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2007-11-05 : 'We just knew someone had been killed, again'

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'We just knew someone had been killed, again'

November 05 2007 at 03:08PM

By Lavern de Vries

The second fatal shooting in two months has staff at shops in the
Broadway shopping complex in Strand "fearing for their lives" and
pleading for an urgent improvement in security.

Last week a security guard was shot dead in the parking lot after
several armed men robbed a fish shop and a video store in the shopping

An employee of a popular take-away restaurant in the complex who spoke
to the Cape Argus on condition of anonymity said he "expects the
worst" coming to work everyday.

'People should be happy to come to work'
"This should not be the case, people should be happy to come to work," he said.

He said since the last shooting incident in September, where a
security guard was also shot dead in front of customers, Shoprite,
which owns the complex, "promised" to improve security, "but not much
has changed".

He said the shooting incidents had affected business negatively.

"People don't want to come to the centre because they fear for their
safety, and no one can blame them," he said.

The staff member described last week's shooting incident as a
"horror". He said the store he worked for had just closed up when they
heard "a loud bang" and saw people running in all directions.

"We just knew someone had been killed, again," he said.

He said they were later informed that a group of armed men had robbed
the fish shop and the video shop, and fled with an undisclosed amount
of money.

The staff member said Shoprite promised a drastic change in the
security system after the September shooting incident.

"But they (Shoprite) have done very little, actually, they've hardly
done anything to ensure our safety."

Fabian Witbooi, who manages a cellphone store in the complex, said:
"We have our own security guard inside the store, because we have been
targeted in the past, but we still feel a bit uneasy."

Witbooi said the centre's security needed to be "beefed up" urgently.

Shoprite spokesperson Sarita van Wyk said the store had installed a
surveillance system that could assist police with the arrest of

o This article was originally published on page 4 of Cape Argus on November 05, 2007
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