2007-08-07 : Letter : Enough of our crime paradise

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2007-08-07 : Letter : Enough of our crime paradise

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2007-09-21 07:25

Enough of our crime paradise, law-abiding citizens need guns

August 07, 2007 Edition 1

Now that off duty police have been forced by default to comply with the law, another major obstacle to the crime empowerment trend is defeated ("Disarmament putting cops at risk", Cape Argus, August 3).

We law abiding, tax paying victims of crime are under siege by bad laws that disarm the victims of crime.

It has become so bad that even the police, who are supposed to be our protectors, have to be shielded by our unarmed and defenceless bodies.

Something is drastically wrong. Are we being governed by criminals, or a crime-friendly

This crisis can be blamed on extremist anti-firearm and anti-self protection lobby groups.
Well-paid, infiltrated everywhere that matters, they are propaganda mercenaries and their misguided agenda is creating a crime paradise in our land.

They demand that crime victims must be disarmed and co-operate when being robbed, raped or murdered. Without any public mandate they are obeyed by our political leaders, who prefer their subjects defenceless.

Incompetent SAPS management can always rely on the fawning support of these radicals.
We, the targets of crime, need to be aware of this covert assault on our human rights.

Adrian Louw
What have YOU done for YOUR rights today?
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