2007-06-23:Firearms Control Act to blame for police meltdown

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2007-06-23:Firearms Control Act to blame for police meltdown

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2007-06-26 10:29

Firearms Control Act partly to blame for police meltdown
June 23, 2007 Edition 1


The story "Cape cops close to meltdown" (Weekend Argus, June 16) is shocking.

However, as shocking as it is, many concerned citizens have predicted it ever since the authorities began displaying an obsession for disarming civilian crime victims.

Many letters were written to the authorities and all the newspapers, mostly rejected and unpublished.

Not only are the police vulnerable, so are the public who look to them for protection. Apart from all the flaws in the police bureaucracy listed in the report, the mindlessly extravagant white elephant called the Firearms Control Act surely has a big finger in the pie.

The colossal drain it would have on police manpower and budgetary resources has been long expected.

The Firearms Control Act is a carbon copy of the disastrous Canadian model which is largely being consigned to the scrapheap after dragging the Canadian police budget down by billions more than budgeted, with no discernable return on investment.

The Firearms Control Act juggernaut is well on its way, as our politicians adapt standard Orwellian responses to such crises by the simple expedience of labelling unsavoury realities, "perceptions". While we consider the red herring of our "misguided perceptions" the crime industry and all its satellites, insurance, security, etc flourish.

More taxes for our masters. Higher salaries for the gravy train passengers. Such a pity the whingers whine so loudly! It remains to be seen whether the forensic experts will be seen as spoilsports or the report will be taken seriously.

We can only pray that our nonchalant denialist leaders will take it seriously.

Adrian Louw

Kriel, Mpumalanga

If the police are close to "meltdown" (Weekend Argus, June 16), then could somebody explain where they find the massive resources used to harass non-criminal legal firearm owners with criminal-friendly legislation?

Perhaps Scopa could let us know? Or are they close to meltdown too?

Emilio Halepopoulos

Sandton, Johannesburg
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