2007-03-29 : Fake cop gets armed robbers into house

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2007-03-29 : Fake cop gets armed robbers into house

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2007-04-11 07:16

Fake cop gets armed robbers into house
Johan Schronen
March 29 2007 at 12:38PM

A Green Point family opened their front door to what appeared to be a
uniformed policeman, but a trio of armed robbers barged in instead.

They took two cars and valuables including cellphones and a laptop computer
in the surprise raid on Wednesday.

After an all-points bulletin alerting nightshift patrols to the attack and
the stolen cars, police found both vehicles abandoned in Observatory and
Woodstock side streets an hour later, but there was no sign of the gang.

Then early on Friday, a dog unit police patrol in Goodwood spotted
suspicious-looking men in a Ford Lazer in Vanguard Drive shortly before 1am
and pulled them over near the Wingfield military base.

The driver of the car was in a police uniform. The policemen checked the car
and discovered it had been stolen in Parow last month.

The driver and two other occupants were arrested.

Detectives are trying to link the trio to the Green Point attack.

In what may mean a breakthrough, a batch of allegedly stolen identity books
were found in the car, many with the photographs removed.

Detectives believe the ID books could help crack a series of unsolved
crimes, including home robberies, some of which involved a suspect posing as
a policeman.

The bogus policeman and his two accomplices were taken into custody at the
Goodwood police and were expected to be handed to Serious Violent Crime Unit
police for further investigation.

The three are expected to appear in court on Friday.

This article was originally published on page 3 of Cape Argus on March 29, 2007
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