2007-02-01 : Single mom killed in gang war crossfire

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2007-02-01 : Single mom killed in gang war crossfire

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Single mom killed in gang war crossfire

February 01 2007 at 11:34AM

By Zara Nicholson

A young single mother is the latest murder victim in crime-infested Manenberg, apparently yet another statistic of the gang war between the Hard Livings and the Americans.

Karen Jacobs, 25, was shot by a stray bullet just after 5am on Wednesday morning while walking to her twin sister Christine's house a few blocks away.

Jacobs was killed only hours before members of the Proudly Manenberg Campaign flooded the streets in protest against gang violence and drug abuse.

'The suspects sped off'

She was the proud mother of five-month-old Jordan.

Police spokesperson Captain Elliot Sinyangana said: "The deceased and another male were walking in Collen Road when the occupants who drove past them in a grey VW Golf fired a number of shots towards them."

Sinyangana said Jacobs sustained a bullet wound to the left side of her chest.

The suspects sped off and were still at large.

He said the shooting was alleged to be gang-related but that all possibilities were being investigated.

'I'm not happy with the situation here in Manenberg' Jacobs' mother, Glenda Hendricks, was being comforted by shocked friends and relatives on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, as Hendricks was preparing to go to the mortuary, thousands of Manenberg residents were walking down the streets chanting: "We want peace".

The area has been terrorised by gun battles between the rival gangs that have intensified, apparently over tik-trading territory.

Hendricks said: "No one wants to talk to me about what they saw."

"It's terrible (the gang shootings). I can't sleep at night."

Jacobs's twin sister Christine said her sister was supposed to have spent the previous night at her home but hadn't and was on her way to her early in the morning.

"I was dreaming about her at that time and people were trying to wake me to tell me (that she was shot) and I was dreaming that she was being shot," she said.

"When they got me awake, I was sweating and I jumped out of bed when they told me.

"I'm not happy with the situation here in Manenberg.

"This is the first time that it has touched our family."

Thousands of protesters, mainly children from primary schools in the area, on Wednesday held posters calling for an end to the killing of innocent people, drug abuse and other gang-related activities.

The posters read "Tik destroys lives", "Gang violence disrupts education", and "We want to learn, not die".

As they marched, they were joined by parents and other residents who all gathered at the Manenberg sports field.

Various religious leaders joined the march and declared their support for the call to end gang violence.

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), the SA Democratic Teachers Union (Sadtu) and the SA Clothing and Textile Workers Union (Sactwu) also participated in the march.

Another mother, whose child is another innocent victim of the gang violence, said she had had enough of the shootings.

Saleema van Rensberg's 11-year-old daughter Malikah was hit in the arm by a stray bullet while she was in her yard earlier in January.

Van Rensberg said "I am very angry."

"I want this to end."

"They shoot at each other, but they don't get wounded."

"It's our children that get wounded."

Another resident, Caroline Williams, said: "Innocent children get shot and nothing gets done.

"The gangsters walk freely past the children with their guns."

The Cape Argus team then came across a nine-year-old boy walking around with a bullet casing he had picked up close to his house.

Marawaan Lackay said: "I feel very scared to walk here because the gangsters just shoot anyone."

The Campaign's Fagrodien Johnson said the march was only the first part of their project against violence and they would soon embark on as even-day safety plan that included the recruitment of 500 volunteers to look after the residents and form part of street and informal court committees.

o This article was originally published on page 4 of Cape
Argus on February 01, 2007
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