2007-02-06 : Mom survives horror attack as dad kills kids

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2007-02-06 : Mom survives horror attack as dad kills kids

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2007-02-06 15:01


Mom survives horror attack as dad kills kids

February 06 2007 at 01:12PM

By Leila Samodien

An Eerste River mother of two has survived the bloodbath her husband unleashed on their family late on Monday afternoon - but both of her young children were shot dead.

Mandy Beukes, 31, is fighting for her life at an Eerste River Hospital after her 32-year-old husband Deon picked up a gun registered in his name and shot her in the arm.

He then turned the gun on his two children - Carlos, 7, and Alexandra, 3 - and shot both of them in the head before killing himself.

'Mandy Beukes come out of the house running for her life'
The Cape Argus visited the Starrenberg Road home in Kleinvlei on Monday had then walked to a nearby corner shop where he knelt down and shot Alexandra.

The strong odour of detergent could be smelled from the front gate of the small home. Shaken neighbours appeared to be scrubbing blood from the tiled floors of the home, while close friends poured in and out of the house offering support and condolences to shocked family members.

A neighbour, Taryn Davids, said she had heard two gunshots coming from the Beukes's house at about 3.30pm and went outside to see what had happened.

She saw Mandy Beukes come out of the house running for her life.

"She looked scared and there was blood on her arm," said Davids.

She sought shelter inside Davids's house, fearing her husband might come after her and kill her.

"When she came in, she couldn't even speak," Davids added.

John Beukes, a boiler-maker, came walking out of the house minutes later, with a gun in his hand, Davids said.

Police spokesperson Inspector Bernadine Steyn said that before the suspect came out of the house, he had shot Carlos in the head. The boy had died instantly.

Steyn said Beukes had then walked to a nearby corner shop.

His daughter, Alexandra, who had gone there with a cousin, was shot in the head in front of the entrance of the shop. She, too, died instantly.

Davids said she had seen Beukes walk back from the shop, get into his maroon Mazda 323 parked in front of the house and shoot himself in the head.

He did not die on the scene and was first rushed to a Kuils River hospital in a critical condition. He died hours later.

"I am very shocked with what happened … they seemed very close," said Davids.

The family moved from Johannesburg in October to live with Mandy Beukes's father at the Kleinvlei home in Cape Town.

o This article was originally published on page 5 of Cape Argus on February 06, 2007
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