2009-06-23 : Firerarm licence deadline looms

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2009-06-23 : Firerarm licence deadline looms

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2009-06-24 09:46

Firerarm licence deadline looms
2009-06-23 14:28

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Johannesburg - Firearm owners who have not renewed their permits by June 30
will be breaking the law, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Tuesday.

As of July 1 2009, all licences, permits and authorisations to possess a
firearm in terms of the Arms and Ammunition Act of 1969 would cease to be
legal, Senior Superintendent Jay Naicker said in a statement.

"If you are in possession of a firearm and you did not renew your licence,
permit or authorisation in terms of the Firearm Controls Act of 2000, then
you are urged to dispose of the said firearm."

Those who renewed their licences before the March 31 cut-off date but did
not receive their permits needed not worry as the receipt issued would be
sufficient until they received their permits.

But those who did not renew their firearm licences needed to either sell the
weapon to a licensed firearm dealer or hand it in at their nearest police
station for deactivation. Naicker said the firearm could also be voluntarily
surrendered to the police to be destroyed.

People could also sell or donate their firearms to an individual or legal
entity. A licence however had to be obtained before June 30. Failing this
the firearm had to be handed in at a police station until a permit was

Firearm owners who chose to sell or donate their weapons may also keep them
while the new owner's application was being considered.

Naicker said in this case a firearm owner could apply for temporary
authorisation from the designated firearms officer before the end of June.

"We once again wish to urge firearm owners who have opted not to renew their
licences, permits or authorisations to act before 30 June and avoid the
last-minute rush," he said.

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