2008-06-22 : Robbers steal teen's Dream

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2008-06-22 : Robbers steal teen's Dream

Postby GOSA » Wed, 2008-07-16 13:30

Robbers steal teen's Dream

Pretoria - A teenager with cancer scared off a gang of thugs on Wednesday with three shots from his father's revolver.

Three robbers broke open the front gate, the security gate and the front door of the Besters' home in Wierda Park, Centurion, about 10:30 on Wednesday.

Marcé, 17, who has leukaemia, had been sleeping after a setback the previous night with his cancer. "The housekeeper came to wake me and said there was trouble," said Marcé on Wednesday evening. "I grabbed my pepper spray and my torch in case I could take on the guy. I ran into him (one of the robbers) in the passage. "He told me to put down my pepper spray and my torch and to lie down on the floor. "I told him they could take everything, but just not to hurt us. He then took me to my room where he took my cellphone and my laptop, which I received from the Reach for a Dream Foundation. "He also took my brother's cellphone from his room." The man left Marcé alone and went to his accomplices who were busy in the lounge.

Fired three shots

Marcé slipped off to his father's room, unlocked the safe, took out his father's firearm and loaded it. Marcé said: "While you're loading the gun, you keep thinking, 'Should I or shouldn't I?' "When I came out of my father's room, I shouted: 'I'm going to shoot you, I'm going to shoot you!' "I fired three shots, but when they heard the first one, they hit the road. "On their way out, they dropped the television on the grass." Marcé's mother, Manda, could only praise her son's heroic behaviour. She said Marcé had been acquainted with suffering for a long time. Marcé had been a baby when his three-year-old sister, Chanelle, died of leukaemia. Four years ago, a hockey ball hit him in the forehead. A year later, he was in a coma for eight days after being hit by a car while he was cycling. About five weeks ago, cancer came knocking on his door. "He even negotiated with the robbers and spoke to them nicely," Manda said. "Through it all my child remains positive and fights back. I'm just sorry they stole my child's dream."

Marcé is due to start a three-week series of treatments for his cancer on Monday. Apart from meeting Lance Armstrong, his dream was to have a laptop, especially during the time he would be undergoing treatment. Inspector Ilze Jones said the robbers fled in a dark grey Nissan Micra without number plates. [News24]
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