2008-01-07 : I didn't stop shooting - wife

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2008-01-07 : I didn't stop shooting - wife

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2008-03-07 06:55

I didn't stop shooting - wife
07/01/2008 23:09 - (SA)

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Virginia Keppler, Beeld

Pretoria - "I didn't stop shooting until my pistol was empty and I think I
may have hit one," said Marietha Holmes as she described how she and her
husband had been robbed at gunpoint for the second time in a fortnight.

Marietha, 42, of Marais Street in Mnandi, Centurion, said on Monday at least
three armed robbers were involved in a hold-up at their home about 19:30 on

Her husband, Charles, 47, was wounded in his legs and his hand. He is
recovering in Kalafong Hospital.

Marietha said she and her husband now carried their pistols with them from
early evening.

On Sunday, they had just unloaded their quad bikes after an outing and were
in the house when the robbers struck.

Marietha said: "I was busy sorting washing and my husband was walking down
the passage when he heard our glass door slamming shut.

'The robbers ran right past me'

"At first, he thought it was the dog, but when he turned around they started
firing and nearly shot off his a foot.

"He fell, pulled out his pistol and returned fire. When I heard him shouting
and shots being fired, I ran out of the kitchen door. The robbers ran right
past me," said Marietha.

She had her pistol with her, so she took it out and fired at the men.

"I just shot, non-stop. My husband did a kind of leopard crawl to the
kitchen, shouting 'Shoot them, shoot them!'"

Marietha said her husband underwent an operation on Sunday afternoon to
remove the bullets from his legs and his hand.

"They put a pin into his leg to help it heal. One of his fingers was
virtually crushed and doctors had to put pins into his hands."

Marietha said that during the first armed robbery on December 21, two
robbers held her up.

"They also shot two of my dogs."
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