2008-03-06 : Pensioner shot by dropped firearm


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2008-03-06 : Pensioner shot by dropped firearm

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Pensioner shot by dropped firearm
Witness 06 Mar 2008
Peter Schafer


The 67-year-old woman thought to have died from a heart attack
in the central post office on Monday after a security guard´s
firearm accidentally went off actually died of a gunshot wound.

This was disclosed yesterday after police were given the
findings of a postmortem examination of the victim, pensioner
Nora Mazibuko of Bulwer. A case of culpable homicide has been

SAPS spokesman Senior Superintendent Henry Budhram said that
when police and paramedics arrived on the scene, there were no
signs of blood around or on the body, and no visible wounds.

"It seems that the paramedics concluded that the woman had died
of a heart attack, but the body was sent for an autopsy as part
of police routine."

Apparently, the firearm fell out of a pocket in the security
guard´s bullet-proof jacket, and was not in the regulation
holster as required by law.

When it landed on the floor, the gun discharged once and the
victim collapsed.

"So the charge of negligent discharge of a firearm still
stands," said Budhram.
"After further investigations and ballistics tests we will
forward the case of culpable homicide to the public prosecutor."

The guard works for a Durban-based security company that is
contracted by the post office.
A spokesman for the post office said an investigation is being
conducted and the incident is regretted.

Whether the post office will help the victim´s family with
funeral and other expenses will be discussed with the security
company, he added.

o Before a security guard can be employed, he or she is required
to have a certificate of competence from a registered firearms
training school or shooting range, and a police clearance
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