2008-02-10 : Robber wore cop uniform


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2008-02-10 : Robber wore cop uniform

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Robber wore cop uniform
Witness 10 Feb 2008
Ingrid Oellermann

A gang of five armed men held up a Dalton farmer, his manager
and staff members and escaped with three firearms and R400 cash
on Friday, police said yesterday. No one was injured during the

Inspector Joey Jeevan said the attackers - one of whom was
wearing an SAPS field dress uniform and SAPS ceremonial cap -
arrived at Dixton Estates farm at about 5 am in a white VW Golf.

They threatened two farm employees at gunpoint and demanded
cash. When the attackers realised the men did not have any money
they locked the victims in an office.

An hour later, the owner of the farm, Carl Heinz Jacobs, and his
manager Jason Kinsey arrived and were confronted by three of the

"At gunpoint the men demanded cash and forced them out of their
vehicle, which was searched by two of the men," said Jeevan.

Jacobs and Kinsey were forced into the office where their
employees were being held. Guns were pointed at them and the
robbers continually demanded money, while ransacking the office.
They forced the victims to produce a key to a strongroom and
told Jacobs to open the safe that contained a 12 bore shotgun, a
Bioto shotgun, and a Winchester .22 rifle, which they took.

The gang found R400 cash in a tuckshop.

Before fleeing in their Golf, the robbers locked all four
victims in the strongroom.

A farm employee shortly afterwards called police and farm watch
security. Anyone with information is urged to contact Inspector
Mevan Govender of Dalton
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