2007-12-05 : Armed robber shot in CBD


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2007-12-05 : Armed robber shot in CBD

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Armed robber shot in CBD
05 Dec 2007

Police warned the man to put his gun down, but he persisted.
Police spokesman Senior Superintendent Henry Budhram said police
had no option but to shoot the man.

"Despite several verbal warnings by the police to the armed
suspect to put down the firearm, he ignored the warning and
continued to charge towards them. The officer had no alternative
but to shoot at the armed suspect," said Budhram.

A witness who identified himself only as Stigger said police had
to fire several shots before the man collapsed. "He refused to go
down on the first and the second shot, and eventually police had
to use a rifle to bring him down," said Stigger.

Budhram said the suspect also fired at the police.

Part of Boshoff Street between Victoria Road and Greyling Street,
where the shooting took place, was cordoned off with yellow police
tape during lunchtime. Traffic flow was diverted from either side
of the crime scene and a crowd gathered around the scene where the
body of the man lay face down in a pool of blood.

Netcare 911 spokesman Chris Botha said the man was shot three

Budhram said the man was trying to escape after he was involved in
two robberies in the space of 15 minutes. He said the man was one
of three who entered Save Cash and Carry in Victoria Road at 1 pm.
They assaulted the security guard on duty and robbed him of his 9
mm pistol.

Police were called, but by the time they arrived the men had

"Police began patrolling the immediate vicinity in search of the
suspects and a short while later came across all three suspects in
Boshoff Street, robbing a pedestrian," said Budhram.

The gun found in the possession of the dead man was identified as
the same that was earlier stolen from the security guard.

The guard was taken to St Anne´s Hospital for treatment. Police
investigations continue.
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