2007-11-29 : Letter : Blame criminals, not guns


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2007-11-29 : Letter : Blame criminals, not guns

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Blame criminals, not guns
29 Nov 2007
P. Moss

Lesego Mogotsi (The Witness, November 27) must live in a dream
world. No government has succeeded in removing guns from criminal
hands, or knows how to. Nor will criminals just hand them over
because of some foolish law. This is indisputable fact.

Guns are not lost every day. They are stolen by criminals the
government has failed to arrest and punish. Why would the
government be able to arrest and punish better than it does now
just because guns are banned?

Thankfully Azapo will never be in power because the Constitution
seems to mean little to them. Nor does competent police
investigation seem to be a priority. The Azapo jackboot policy to
fight crime is to harass the public with road blocks and search
their persons and vehicles. Bash doors down to search houses to
find criminals with guns.

Yes, guns are used by violent criminals, but any government that
seeks to reduce crime by chasing and blaming guns instead of
punishing criminals will reap the rewards of high crime and is not
fit to govern.

Boughton, Pietermaritzburg
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