2007-11-09 : Gunman shoots owners of Wartburger Hof


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2007-11-09 : Gunman shoots owners of Wartburger Hof

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Nov 9 Witness

Gunman shoots owners of Wartburger Hof at point-blank range

The tight-knit community of Wartburg has been rocked by the
murders of the owners of the Wartburger Hof Hotel, Siggy (68) and
Ingrid (63) Schädle, who were shot dead at the hotel on Wednesday

According to police, a gunman entered the Wartburger Hof at 10 pm
on Wednesday and shot the couple at point-blank range.

The small town was yesterday gripped with shock as news of the
murders quickly spread. The hotel was closed for business
yesterday morning, but several vehicles were parked outside the
gate as local people flocked to express their condolences.

Business owners, politicians and ordinary people in the town have
reacted with shock to the killings.

Police spokesman Senior Superintendent Henry Budhram said a hotel
chef witnessed the killing. He said the gunman shot Ingrid Schädle
first as she stood behind the counter before turning the gun on
her husband. "The gunman shot Ingrid and went to the lounge and
fired several shots. He escaped in a motor vehicle that was parked

Ingrid sustained a gunshot wound to her left shoulder and Siggi
was shot several times.

According to the chef, Max Haller, he was busy in the kitchen with
a plumber when he heard a scream and then a shot.

He ran through to the reception area and saw a man there with a
gun. Haller ran back to press the panic button and heard more

All the guests were allegedly in their rooms at the time.

Haller said that the couple are survived by a son, Chris, who
worked with them, and a daughter, Tina Piccione, who has recently
emigrated to Australia.

The motive for the killings has not yet been established, but
sources told The Witness that the killing might have been related
to a revenge attack by an ex-employee who held a grudge against
the Schädles, after having been fired from the hotel allegedly for
the theft of meat.

Police conducted interviews with the hotel staff yesterday

Budhram said nothing was stolen from the hotel. He said all
allegations will be investigated. Several expended 9 mm cartridges
were found at the scene.

Published: 9 November 2007
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