2007-10-25 : Thugs hold up teachers


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2007-10-25 : Thugs hold up teachers

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Thugs hold up teachers
Thu, 25 Oct 2007

By Nivashni Nair

Dozens of teachers robbed in Chatsworth school staffroom

Matric pupils at Savannah Secondary School in Chatsworth
underwent trauma counselling before they sat for examinations
after their school was yesterday hit for the second time this
year by a group of armed robbers.

Although the pupils did not witness the robbery, fear quickly
spread through the school after four men held up 23 teachers in
the staffroom at 7.40 am.

According to police, four men approached the school´s two
security guards at the gate and asked for directions to the
staffroom. When one security guard became suspicious of the men
and took out his cellphone to call the police, the men revealed
their weapons and demanded cellphones.

The two security guards were taken to the staff room where 23
teachers had gathered before the day´s schoolwork began.

"At this stage, three of the men stood outside to keep guard
while the two security guards and one of the robbers entered the
staffroom," said Chatsworth police spokesman Captain Edmund

"The 23 teachers were held at gunpoint while they were robbed of
jewellery and cellphones worth about R20 000 and about R3 000 in

One of the robbers then discovered that the school´s alarm system
had been activated and signalled to his accomplices to leave. The
men made their getaway in a Toyota Yaris, which they had hijacked
from a teacher who had just driven into the school´s parking lot.
The car was later found in Marianhill.

Singh said the teachers were traumatised and had to receive
counselling. The atmosphere was very tense because this was the
second incident where the staff was held up by armed robbers.

"Although the children and teachers were traumatised, there was
nothing that one could do, so the matric students had to write
their exams," Singh said.

He added that schools in the area were becoming soft targets for
robbers and that yesterday´s incident was definitely an act of
criminality and not an attempt to disrupt matric examinations.

The provincial Education Department will send a team of
psychologists to the school this week to counsel pupils and

Published: 25 October 2007
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