2007-10-22 : PMB hijackers kill two men


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2007-10-22 : PMB hijackers kill two men

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PMB hijackers kill two men
Witness Mon, 22 Oct 2007

By Sphumelele Mngoma and Sapa

Two shot dead, two others wounded and woman raped in two related

Two men were killed, two others shot and wounded and a woman
allegedly raped in two separate but seemingly related incidents
in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal police said yesterday.

The two incidents occurred on Saturday morning.

Police spokesman Superintendent Henry Budhram said two men were
hijacked in Georgetown by two armed men in the early hours of
Saturday morning.

The men were shot and killed and the hijackers drove away in a
maroon VW Polo.

Their bodies were found near the Georgetown library, about 50
metres apart.

Budhram said the deceased had been in the area to visit a woman.

"The acquaintance had become concerned when the men had not
arrived and a short while later she heard gunshots and a vehicle
drive away.

"She went outside to investigate and saw one of the men she was
expecting fleeing down the road screaming that he had been shot.
He thereafter collapsed," he said.

The woman called an ambulance, but when paramedics arrived they
were already dead.

Shortly after the shooting, a woman and two men from Imbali
township were forced into a maroon VW Polo.

Budhram said after a short distance the men were forced out of
the car and were shot in the back. They are in Edendale Hospital.

"We believe this is related to the Georgetown incident," Budhram

He said the occupants of the Polo drove away with the woman, who
was found on Saturday morning near the Azalea cemetery in Imbali.

"The woman said she had been raped by both suspects, who
abandoned her thereafter," he said.

The VW Polo was found abandoned in the city and one of the
hijackers was arrested in Edendale.

Police were still searching for the second man.

Meanwhile, there have been no further arrests in the murders of
Elaine Anderson and Patricia Kippen in Woodlands last Sunday.

Budhram said further arrests are anticipated after a 22-year-old
man, who was in possession of jewellery stolen from Kippen, was
arrested and appeared in court last week.

The two women were buried at the weekend.

Published: 22 October 2007
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