2007-10-16 : Lincoln Meade residents tackle crime


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2007-10-16 : Lincoln Meade residents tackle crime

Postby GOSA » Tue, 2007-11-06 06:54

Lincoln Meade residents tackle crime
oTue, 16 Oct 2007

By Sphumelele Mngoma

THE residents of Lincoln Meade, which has been hit by a wave of
burglaries, have decided to sacrifice their sleep and form a
neighbourhood watch in an attempt to ward off the culprits.

The number of break-ins in the area has escalated at an alarming
rate, with the culprits becoming more daring in their approach.

People all over the suburb have stories to tell of audacious
criminals, many arriving in the early evening.

However, the residents of Fair Fields said they were not willing
to roll over and play dead anymore but instead were ready to
fight back.

One resident who is involved in the neighbourhood watch, Wayne
Janneker, said he realised he had to do something since they
were getting no help from the police.

"We managed to chase and apprehend two suspects who were caught
in the act a few months ago, only to be told that they can´t be
charged because it was a petty crime," Janneker said.

He said unkempt bush behind their simplex is a hiding place for

"We have called the municipality and parks and recreation, the
ward councillor, you name it ... We finally resolved that if they
are not going to do it, we will have to clean it out ourselves."

Janneker said people need to be aware that criminals have made
stealing their art.

"They are pretty clued up. My advice would be `communicate with
your neighbours´. Keep your outside areas well lit and when
entering your property always ensure that you check before
getting out of your vehicle. Check the concrete walls for breaks
all the time. If there is a problem, sound your alarm and call
your neighbours. Chances are the intruders are still in the
yard," Janneker said.

Through their network, they have successfully managed to recover
stolen goods belonging to one of the residents.

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RE: Neighbourhood watch team catch burglars

Postby wormyzn » Fri, 2008-09-05 12:37

Here is the outcome of our wowes.

The Lincoln Meade Neighbourhood Watch deserves a pat on the back after a courageous effort to apprehend thieves who stole various items from a house in the area at the weekend.

The stolen goods, including bags of clothing, a DVD player, a TV set and a hi-fi system, were returned to the owner at the Alexandra Road Police Station yesterday.

Lincoln Meade Neighbourhood Watch secretary Wayne Janneker said four teams were on duty in the early hours of Saturday morning when one of the teams spotted a group of men walking up Grimthorpe Avenue from the low-level bridge.

The teams were alerted by the noise the men were making and upon closer inspection, they saw that they were possibly burglars carrying stolen items.

The men seemed to be drunk, possibly from drinking alcohol stolen from the house they had burgled.

Janneker said that when the team confronted the three men, they dropped all the items they were carrying and fled up the road.

The men then ran on to a connecting road, Dunsby Avenue, and jumped over a fence and into adjacent bush.

However, team member Ian Roberts managed to apprehend one man, tying his hands and feet with cable ties and then searching him.

The police and dog units were then called in to assist in an attempt to find the other two men, but to no avail, despite an extensive search.

The arrested man was handed over to the Alexandra Road police, as was a vanload of household items, including a Swiss army knife that was found on the suspect.

Lincoln Meade residents who wish to join the Neighbourhood Watch can contact Ian Roberts on 082 530 9896 or e-mail lincolnmeade@ratesa.co.za.
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