2007-10-16 : Families mourn two mothers


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2007-10-16 : Families mourn two mothers

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Families mourn two mothers
oTue, 16 Oct 2007

By Witness Reporters

THE families of Elaine Anderson (59) and Patricia Kippen (39),
who were both shot dead in Woodlands on Sunday night, are
battling to come to terms with the senseless killings, in
apparent botched hijackings.

"Why did they have to shoot her? Why couldn´t they just have
taken the car and left her alone. Did she witness the murder of
Elaine Anderson?" asked Kippen´s distraught mother, Fran

Johnson said her daughter was returning from dropping a friend
in Woodlands, and was on her way home to Hayfields, when the
tragedy occurred.

"We got a call and rushed to the scene. They were trying to
resuscitate Patsy when we arrived. She was rushed to St Anne´s
but she died."

The family said they do not understand why Kippen had turned
towards Claridge instead of towards the city.

"It was an uncalled-for death. It is so unnecessary that she had
to leave her two children ... If they had given her a chance she
would have given them the car."

Kippen is survived by her husband, Kelvin, daughter Lee-Ann (14)
and son Christopher (19). She worked as a human resources
consultant at First National Bank in Boom Street.

Kippen´s funeral is to be held on Saturday at St Martin´s
Catholic Church. The time will be announced later.

The Andersons could not confirm the time of Elaine´s funeral,
but said the funeral might take place this Saturday.

They said they have been overwhelmed by support from their
community and people in various fields who knew their mother.

When The Witness visited the Andersons yesterday morning, the
visibly shaken family said they have lost a mother and a very
caring person.

"We´re still in a huge state of shock," said daughter Arlette

Another daughter, Lyndre Anderson, said the support from the
community has moved them.

"It´s really unbelievable. My mother was a helper to everyone in
this community," Lyndre said.

The suspects were still at large by yesterday afternoon as
police investigations continued.

Published: 16 October 2007
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