2007-10-10 : Boys held for Hilton spree


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2007-10-10 : Boys held for Hilton spree

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Boys held for Hilton spree
Witness Wed, 10 Oct 2007

By Nathi Olifant

Thieving rampage terrorises Hainsworth residents, five homes hit
in one week

A HIGH tide of crime spree swept in the suburb of Winterskloof
in Hilton last week leaving five homes broken into - one of them
broken into three times.

The Hainsworth home in Sutton Road was broken into on October 2,
3 and 6. A home in Valley Road was also broken into on October
2. Thursday saw two homes also broken into on 54 Devonshire Lane
and 38a Budleigh Road, while a house on 1 Crompton Road was also
broken into.

It all started with a housebreaking at the Hainsworths on
October 2 at about 7.30 pm. Burglars broke into a room and stole
about R15 000 worth of electronic equipment, linen and shoes. At
the same home the following day at about 11.30 am, a maid saw
intruders cutting the fence, while the residents were at home.

Siobhan Hainsworth, daughter of Dr Michael Hainsworth, said on
Saturday, October 6, she and her fiancé Brett Nicholson were in
a lounge in the family´s cottage watching television when they
heard a sound as if something was dropping on the tile.

Nicholson said he immediately pressed the panic button and they
locked the doors.

"I then ran out to check if the folks were ok because the
cottage is a bit isolated from the main house," said Nicholson.

However, while Nicholson was away Siobhan was held up. She said
that about 10 seconds after Nicholson had left, she heard a
noise and assumed it was him. When she drew the curtain she
stumbled upon one of the men standing on the other side of the
glass door. By then she had pepper spray in her hand.

Siobhan said they looked at each other and she screamed. The man
then kicked open the glass door and grabbed her. Siobhan said
she was screaming non-stop, while spraying the suspect.

"I was spraying him all over while I screamed and I could feel I
was running out spray
. He smacked me on the head to stop me from
spraying and he was starting to overpower me. I kicked him
between the legs," she said.

By then her father and Nicholson were in the garden and they
heard her screaming. Brett shouted, while Hainsworth fired two
warning shots and the two men fled the scene
. Siobhan said that
while she wrestled the suspect, the other man was standing
keeping watch. The men escaped by jumping over a 1,8-metre fence
with a hedge and razor wire. One was screaming due to the effect
of the pepper spray.

Police spokeswoman Inspector Joey Jeevan confirmed the incidents
at the Hainsworth´s and said both cases are being investigated,
but that there have not been any arrests.

Secretary of the Hilton community policing forum, Penny Hardman,
said the house that was broken into on Valley Road had been sold
and the new owners had not moved in yet.

She said the bedroom window was smashed and a tumble dryer,
washing machine, video machine, clothes and blankets were

"I have not yet been able to speak to the previous owner about
this incident," she said.

Hardman said that on October 4, a maid at a house in Devonshire
Lane saw intruders breaking a window at about 11.30 am. She
pressed the panic button and locked herself into a room.

"Police, Bobbies and Knight [security guards] were alerted
immediately and [a] Dog Unit called into the area. Entry seems
to have been from the railway line. A chainsaw was stolen,"
Hardman said.

Another incident on the same day where the railway line
thoroughfare was used was in Budleigh Road at 12.45 pm, when
again two men broke in and ran past the gardener to the laundry.
They stole liquor, a grinder, and a hedge trimmer. One of the
suspects was wearing green, according the gardener.

On Sunday, Bobbies caught two of the three suspects atop
Crompton Road after they had hit the first home on the same
road. The suspects are aged between 12 and 13 years.

Published: 10 October 2007

Note : lemme get this right. They locked the doors. She pepper sprayed them. But they only ran off when warning shots were fired? Put that in your "alternatives to having a gun" pipe and smoke it, Judy!
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