2007-10-02 : Suicide man had killed before


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2007-10-02 : Suicide man had killed before

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Suicide man had killed before
Witness Tue, 2 Oct 2007

By Ingrid Oellermann

Reservist who shot woman and himself was convicted for 2000

A FORMER reserve soldier who shot his alleged fiancée at the
weekend was previously convicted of shooting dead a
Pietermaritzburg woman in 2000.

Traffic officer Makhosazana "Ruth" Ntuli was shot in her
Westgate home on Saturday night by a man who then turned the gun
on himself.

The Witness established yesterday that Ntuli´s assailant has
been identified as former SA National Defence Force reserve
soldier Sibusiso Vilikazi, who was in 2003 sentenced to 20
years´ imprisonment for the murder of Lieutenant Carol Herbst, a
clerk at Pietermaritzburg´s Umkomaas Commando headquarters in
Oribi Village.

Herbst was shot dead in her office on January 17, 2000 by
Vilikazi, who used an R4 rifle he had grabbed from a guard,
Clement Ndlovu.

Police spokeswoman Inspector Joey Jeevan confirmed late
yesterday that Vilikazi is the same man who was convicted and
sentenced for Herbst´s murder.

Vilikazi was an ex-Mkhonto Wesizwe and Apla member who joined
the newly integrated SANDF´s reserve force after 1994.

The Witness learned that Vilikazi (now about 32 years old) was
released from jail on parole a year ago after serving just six
years of his jail term, despite the fact that his initial
sentence was increased from an effective seven years to 20
years´ imprisonment by a full bench consisting of Judges Pete
Combrinck, Willem Booysen and Dumile Kondile in February 2003.

The full bench criticised the initial term imposed by acting
Judge Cassim Sardiwalla as a "mockery of justice", disagreed
with a number of his findings in the case and found that
Vilikazi had not shown the "slightest remorse" for killing

A legal source who did not wish to be named said the public and
many people working within the criminal justice system are
losing confidence and are frustrated by the early release of
prisoners who were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment
because they have committed serious and violent crimes.

"This type of incident [the shooting of Ntuli and Vilikazi] is
the result.

"The police and those working with justice put in a great deal
of hard work, only to find that the criminals are on the streets
the next day. One of the questions that the public is asking is
how come people are sentenced and are let out on the streets
again so soon. The only people who can answer that are
Correctional Services."

The Witness contacted the Correctional Services Department
yesterday afternoon to inquire about the date and reasons for
Vilikazi´s early release from prison, but as the inquiry was
made at 4 pm, we were told that "everyone has gone home" and
that the matter could only be dealt with today.

In evidence led at his trial in connection with Herbst´s murder,
Vilikazi was portrayed as an aggressive, arrogant person with
unpredictable moods and a short temper. Evidence was led that
Herbst was afraid of him and reported to her superior that he
had threatened her and she feared for her safety.

He had also abused another clerk.

The court also heard that Vilikazi was angry for being
temporarily suspended from duty following a "bar brawl" in Eston
in 1999 involving him and another rifleman. He came to the base
on the day of Herbst´s murder to question when he would be
deployed again on operational duty.

A source close to the case described him as a "time bomb waiting
to explode".

Yesterday, Vilikazi´s latest victim, Ntuli, was still in a
critical but stable condition in hospital. She sustained a
number of gunshot wounds in circumstances that are still being

Police reported at the weekend that Ntuli arrived at her home in
Fourie Road, Westgate, by taxi after 10.30 pm on Saturday, with
a female friend.

As the two women entered the house, the friend told police she
spotted a man in the lounge with a firearm.

She saw the man grab Ntuli before she fled and ran to get help.
Gunshots rang out and she heard Ntuli scream.

When police entered the house they found Ntuli critically
wounded and bleeding on the floor, near Vilikazi who lay with a
9 mm pistol on top of him. He was certified dead at the scene.


Published: 2 October 2007
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