2007:09-27 : Letters : Masters of public safety


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2007:09-27 : Letters : Masters of public safety

Postby GOSA » Fri, 2007-10-05 08:46

Masters of public safety
Letters Thu, 27 Sep 2007

I refer to the report that police lost nearly 4 000 firearms
last year (The Witness, September 19). Just how many firearms
must they lose before the government realises that it has made
an utter fool of itself and is not fit to govern a great country
such as South Africa?

To keep this in perspective, it must be realised that this loss
rate is at least four times higher than that of licensed firearm
owners and that the police supply more than 10 firearms per day
to the criminals´ arms pool. This utterly disgraceful figure
does not include the large number of firearms missing from
evidence lockers and those handed in by the public.

These are the self-same guardians of the law who have appointed
themselves masters of public safety and the administrators of
the Firearms Control Act. Conveniently, none of the draconian
measures the South African Police Service deemed necessary for
licensed firearm owners apply to themselves. One can now see why
the police would want to avoid compliance with the act.

Boughton, Pietermaritzburg
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