2007-09-19 : Police `lost´ nearly 4 000 guns last year


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2007-09-19 : Police `lost´ nearly 4 000 guns last year

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Police `lost´ nearly 4 000 guns last year
Witness Wed, 19 Sep 2007


By Sapa

The police lost over 1 500 more firearms during the past
financial year than they did during the one before, according to
the Auditor-General (AG).

In an audit contained in the SA Police Service 2006/7 annual
report, he found 3 856 firearms were reported "lost, stolen or
robbed from personnel throughout the country" during the 12
months up to March 31 this year.

In 2005/6, a total of 2 297 firearms were reported missing in
this manner.

The AG also said firearm control registers were not properly
maintained by the police in six provinces, but did not specify

Further, "bi-annual firearms inspections were not always

The audit also found "inventory differences" to the tune of
R18,7 million between what the police actually had in their
stores and what was shown on their computer system.

This was based on test counts carried out at 18 inventory stores
around the country.

Published: 19 September 2007
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