2007-07-30 : Joost robbed after car runs out of petrol


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2007-07-30 : Joost robbed after car runs out of petrol

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Joost robbed after car runs out of petrol

Mon, 30 Jul 2007

Nico Strydom

Pretoria - Joost van der Westhuizen was robbed at gunpoint when
his car ran out of petrol in the Free State on Friday night.

He was overpowered near Viljoenskroon and robbed of R400 shortly
after 11 pm.

Van der Westhuizen was returning to Johannesburg after attending
a function in Bothaville. "My cellphone´s battery was flat, but
luckily I was able to contact the organisers of the event to
bring petrol to me. I was relaxing and listening to Frank
Sinatra, when I heard a sudden knock at the car window.

"I got a fright, but realised I had to stay calm. I opened the
door and the one [man] took out his gun and pushed it against my
head," he said. The robbers forced him out of his car and told
him to leave his wallet and his cellphone.

"I told them my cellphone´s battery was flat, that the car had
no petrol and that they should take the money. The one must have
recognised me because he said something about the `captain of
the Springboks´."

He said the robbers were still discussing things when the people
bringing the petrol arrived. The robbers grabbed about R400 and
ran off. "I realise that I made a bad call. I was keen to get
home and I thought I´d make it to the next filling station," he

Published: 30 July 2007
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