2007-05-28 : KZN farmer bashed with bricks


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2007-05-28 : KZN farmer bashed with bricks

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KZN farmer bashed with bricks
•Mon, 28 May 2007

By Sapa

A 76-year-old Richmond farm owner was left for dead yesterday by
two burglars who bashed his head in with a brick.

Douglas Creighton-Jones of Aloe Corner farm was airlifted to St
Anne’s Hospital in a critical condition.

Superintendent Joshua Gwala said initial investigations revealed
that Creighton-Jones returned home yesterday morning and was
surprised by two intruders.

A struggle ensued and he was severely beaten about the head with
a brick. Gwala said Creighton-Jones managed to call his son on
the phone before losing consciousness.

Earlier in the morning, Creighton-Jones had been to the Richmond
police station to report an overnight break-in into a shed on
his property, which is a fruit farm.

Gwala said the house was ransacked, but it is not clear if
anything was taken. The two attackers gained entry through a
bedroom window.

Police appeal to anyone with information to contact the SAPS
Detective Services in Richmond on 033 212 9453 or CrimeStop on
08600 10111.

Published: 28 May 2007
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