2007-05-28 : Vigilantes kill robber


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2007-05-28 : Vigilantes kill robber

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Vigilantes kill robber
•Mon, 28 May 2007

By Witness Reporter

THE police have appealed to people to not take the law into
their own hands after a criminal suspect was killed and another
injured in two incidents over the weekend.

Police spokesman Superintendent Joshua Gwala said that in the
first incident, it is alleged that a homeowner was woken by
noise in his house in Caluza. When he went to investigate, he
found three unknown men inside.

He confronted one of them and a shot was fired, but no one was
injured. The intruders ran out, chased by the homeowner, who
shouted for help.

Neighbours came running, and managed to catch one of the
suspects, whom they severely beat before the police and
paramedics arrived.

He was certified dead by the paramedics.

A 9 mm pistol, believed to be unlicensed, was found at the
scene. Nothing was stolen from the house. The other two
intruders are still at large, said Gwala.

Any one with information that could help identify the dead man
is urged to call the SAPS Plessislaer on 033 398 9703 or 033 398
9753. A murder docket has been opened.

In the other incident, a butchery on the corner of Retief and
Hoosen Haffejee (Berg) streets was robbed by three men posing as

The four employees in the shop were held at gunpoint and forced
to the back. One of them was made to open the till. The men took
an undisclosed amount of cash and ran away. One of the employees
chased them and shouted for help.

People in the area gave chase, catching one of the robbers and
beating him severely.

The other two robbers escaped.

The beaten man was arrested and taken to hospital to get
treatment for his head injuries. He was then discharged.

He is expected to appear in the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s
Court shortly.

Gwala said: “Although the police appreciate the assistance of
the community in the fight against crime, we cannot allow
members of the community to be engaged in any type of
vigilantism by taking the law into their own hands.

“Anyone found to be involved in such activities will be dealt
with accordingly.”

Published: 28 May 2007
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